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Max Ramich

LOMO lenses for sale

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For sale:
1. Lomo OKC 12-35-1 35mm T1.5 PL mount, original lens hood and front cap. Price 3k euro.
2. Lomo OKC 1-150-1 150mm T3,1 Kinor housing, PL. Price 2k euro.
3. Lomo Foton 37-140 T4.2 PL + oct-19. Price 1100 euro.
4. Lomo Foton 37-140 T4.4 PL + oct-18. Price 850 euro.
5. Lomo okc 4-28-1 28mm T2,3 oct-19 brass. Price 750 euro.
6. Lomo okc 11-35-1 35mm T2,2 oct-19. Price 600 euro.
7. Lomo okc 6-75-1 75mm T2,2 oct-19. Price 800 euro.
8. Lomo okc 1-100-1 100mm T2,3 oct-19. Price 850 euro.
9. Lenkinap OKC 1-35-1 35mm T2.2 PL + oct-18. Price 475 euro.
10. Lomo OKC 4-28-1 28mm T2.3 ost-18. Price 330 euro.
11. Lomo OKC 8-35-1 35mm T2.3 ost-18. Price 275 euro.
12. Lomo OKC 1-50-1 50mm T2.2 OST-18. Price 275 euro. 
Please get in contact if you are interested and I can give you more detailed information about this lenses.

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Nr.1 (Okc 12-35-1) and Nr.2 (Okc 1-150-1) are sold.

If others are interesting please pm me.



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For sale. Price list 03/25/2020 + paypal/shipping. Photos on request.

PM me please. Thanks.   

   4-28-1 T2,3 oct19  brass             550 euro          Lomo

    4-28-1 T2,3 oct19   brass               600 euro              Lomo

   11-35-1 T2,2 oct19                           450 euro              Lomo

     6-75-1 T2,2 oct19                            650 euro             Lomo

    1-100-1 T2,3 oct19                          800 euro             Lomo

   6-75-1 T2,3.  Pl+oct18               500 euro            Lomo

    1-150-1 T3,2 oct18                     650 euro        Lomo

Foton 37-140 PL+oct19              1100 euro          Lomo

     8-35-1 T2,3 PL+oct18                      330 euro           Lomo

     8-35-1 T2,3 PL+oct18                 330 euro           Lomo

    Po2-2m T2,5 75mm oct18       330 euro      KMZ  

    Tevidon T1,8 50mm                  100 euro      Carl Zeiss Jena

Standart speed in brass, oct19: 1-18-1, 1-22-1, 1-28-1, 8-35-1, 1-40-1, 1-50-6

                                                                     4000 euro          Lomo

Angenieux 35-350 T3,8 PL            3500 euro          Angenieux

Standart speed, PL: 3-22-1, 4-28-1, 11-35-1, 1-50-1, 6-75-1, 1-100-1

                                                                     7000 euro           Lomo

Standart speed, PL:  7-28-1, 11-35-1, 1-50-6, 1-100-1, 1-150-1  

                                                                      5800 euro           Lomo

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