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  1. For sale Standard speed cine lens LOMO OKC1-150-1 150mm T3,1 with beautiful number 880007. Price 2k euro + shipping + 4,5% PayPal. Lens have the PL-mount machined from stainless steel fitted in St.Peterburg. Kinor H35 body/housing. The lens is in excellent condition. No Fungus or Scratches, with out cleaning marks, no dust inside, only one a micro-bubble. The housing is also good condition. Metal front cap, rear cap, follow focus gear 0,8. Located in Berlin. Shipping with DHL Paket (insurance 2500 euro). Please get in contact if you are interested and I can give you more detailed information about this lens. Thanks.
  2. Carl Zeiss CP.2 lenses set. Set included: 28/2.1, 35/2.1, 85/1.5, and 100/2.1. They all are in Arri PL mount. The set includes 2 adapters to EF. The first is suitable for 28/2.1 and 35/2.1. The second for 100/2.1. All lenses with both caps. METRIC scales. I bought this set five years ago in Munich. At that time, this set cost a lot more. Lenses are in excellent overall shape, used just few times. Optics and mechanics is in great shape. Casings with some light signs of use. Pics on request. Price for this lens set is 7.5K Euro + 4% Paypal costs + shippig cost. Original case and all accessories are included. I can give 7 days guarantee for testing, when lens is recieved. Thanks ! https://www.ebay.de/itm/283701935421
  3. Hallo, Ohan. Bitte schreiben Sie mir, welche Optik haben Sie jetzt. Herzlichen Dank, Max
  4. Hi, Victor. I have two lenses Lomo okc3-22-1, and two okc1-150-1. I want to change for something that I dont have. Do you have what I need?
  5. Hello to all. I change Lomo okc3-22-1 in the kinor35 housing to okc5-18-1 in the kinor35 housing (no cracks) and the Lomo okc1-150-1 kinor35 housing to okc2-100-2 in the kinor35 housing. My cost shipping . Thanks, Max
  6. Hallo. Können Sie ein Foto und Preis für Lomo oks11-50-1 senden? maxramich@gmx.de Danke!
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