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Hey CML. I'm curious if anybody can shed some light on this situation.

I'm on a two camera shoot where the bodies are both Arri Alexa Mini LF. The lenses and all the settings were exactly the same but the outgoing images were wildly different. It wasn't until trying an AWB that the images became close but the readings were completely different:

A Cam: 4730k -0.7CC

B Cam: 5450k -1.8CC

Is this normal for Minis? Any idea why this should be the case? Thanks.

Brandon Leger

Gaffer - Seattle

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Cinematographers Mailing List is Cinematography.net — this is Cinematography.com…

Anyway, that’s a bit more of a difference in color than you’d expect though it would be better to compare them using a preset color temp setting rather than after AWB if you really want to figure out the difference.

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