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LTB: Arri 35BL4 Ground Glass

Steve Darby

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Well, technically you can't get use all of Full Aperture with a 2X anamorphic lens on a 4-perf camera because that would be a 2.66 : 1 frame, not 2.35 : 1. But it is common today to shoot framed for 2.35 centered on Full Aperture rather than offset for a soundtrack, but I don't know if anyone calls that "Super Anamorphic". But it sounds like you can use a Full Aperture / Silent 4:3 groundglass.

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you can also ask SHURCO tools in California, they are making GG on request ... IF NOT, and if you are needing the ARRI original frame for these, get in touch with CHARLIE Mc GOUGH @ camerarental.nl as he probably still has many BL GG left in stock as he sold all those BL (1/2/3/4/4s) cameras which he bought back from a Cy called MONEV (Belgium) years ago ... tell him you received this trick from Philippe

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