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Arri WCU-4 & UMC-4: lens Mapping

Juanjo Camaleón Rental

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Lens Mapping with Arri WCU-4 & UMC-4. Today at the Camaleón Rental blog we are going to lens mapping review with the Arri WCU-4 wireless focus & Arri UMC-4. Fabio Giolitti

Lens Mapping with Arri WCU-4 & UMC-4. I don’t know what you guys think on this matter, but if you want my two cents it is crucial to be fast when you change the lens while using remote control systems, in situations such as steadicam, cranes or simply hand held when the cam operator wants to be more free than with a standard follow focus. Previously I used to prepare pre-marked rings during camera prep and switch them while the motor were calibrating, but I always dreamed about a more precise and reliable system. A couple of months ago, a local distributor of ARRI products hosted a workshop on how to map lenses on the new WCU4, but sadly I wasn’t in town, so I couldn’t attend.

So I thought that I could try by myself with nobody explaining to me how to do it. This way I could test how really easy and fast it is and if it is well designed enough to be “dumb proof”. As usual, I need to thank guys at Camaleon Cine who offered me the possibility to have an Alexa XT Plus, an Amira, one set of Zeiss Standard Prime T2.1 and one of Cooke S4i T2, plus a Fujinon Cine Cabrio 19-90 mm T2.9. Aside of that, a WCU4 with CLM4 motors and a UMC4. The choice of the lenses and of the cameras was due to the fact that I wanted to test the method with and without lenses with LDS system and on cameras with and without the need of the UMC4. Last but not least, I wanted to try it with a variable focal distance lens with LDS system.

More here : https://www.camaleonrental.com/gb/blog/arri-wcu-4-umc-4-lens-mapping.html



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