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35 mm Mitchell BNCR

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Filmos are a _bit_ lighter than BNCR's.


Hey I think brute arcs make nicer light than HMI's but......




But this was in responce to someone suggesting that because a camera was built in the 30's it could not be useable on a modern set. I have several cameras from the '20s and '30s, they deliver as good a result as the brand-new cameras I've shot with. Less bells and whistles, of course, but yes, I would use a camera this old as a 1st unit.


So what kind of head can handle all that weight? I suppose the answer is an expensive one...


Yes, expensive. A gear'd head, or heavy-duty fluid head.

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It's a 30V camera which makes it a bit of an oddball for rental battery blocks, but you can string 5 6V 7amp gelcels together for about $50. Not bad. If you lose the battery charger, you're a bit hooped. 30V battery charges are really hard to find and most custom guys want about $1000 to build one.



Cine60 build battery blocks with built in chargers that can be switched from 24V to 30V. I take them with me on every shooting. For example when shooting highspeed with a 435 it's standard to use those switched to 30V.

I don't know what power connecter the Mitchell uses, but it shoulb be piece of cake to build a cable that connects the battery to the camera.

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Hello all,


I've noticed two considerations on this topic before: If you want to DP other peoples' movies using your own camera, then you'll need something more versatile to satisfy your future clients' needs. If you're shooting your own movies, then you'll have to shoot it on mounts (and they will have to be substantial). I dislike handheld, so, my BNC doesn't erk me as it might others. As everyone here has stated, it is damn heavy and the blimp seems as big as a camper. I'm looking into a Fries reflex due to the fact that the camera needs to be a little more "monkey ready" with reflex and video tap. Pulling focus on a rackover can lead to disapointments when the rushes come back.

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