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Bob Mizer ('Beefcake' homoerotic fame) goes into the movie biz...1957

Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

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Bob Mizer Ad 1957

Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Advertising Archive / Genderqueer Advertising


'Art-Bob' aka as Bob Mizer was an early publisher of homoerotic material in L.A. starting out in the 50's. He published material under the 'Athletic Model Guild' name. The models in his early publications had a small bikini. The models were nude in his later material.

Bob liked to rate his models with his own hieroglyphics of sorts...


Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Genderqueer Archive 


In later publications he would write the code next to the model.



Bob Mizer 1970 (Photo cropped)

Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Genderqueer Archive 


I joined a homosexual forum to learn about the codes. Got no help from them, just bashing me as an archivist for asking questions. So, I figured it out for myself. I have a large archive of genderqueer as well as material on blacks. If you run the Peoples' Archive, you need all sorts of material to round things out. I had these collections before homosexuals, trans and blacks became the rage. My Archive is very diverse before the diversity fad was adopted by the politicians. 



Bob Mizer

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