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  1. Here is one of the clips with commentary. Takes more work to get the names and dates so I let people figure it out if they are interested. If I had more time and energy would tag everything. I'm only one person, can only do so much. I have 140+ areas of collection in my archive. https://archive.org/search.php?query=Frankie %26 Johnny Old Country Record Shop D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C.
  2. Last I heard he had 15,000. But that was long ago. I guess it is a disease with collector. A friend has a movie about him. I watched some of it. He canvased many states going door to door in the boondocks trying to buy old records. I would hate to have to build a collection like that. I'd buy it off eBay if I had the $$. Although the places he went looked interesting for photographing people. (occupants of the house) I'm building a collection of early western, county, hillbilly, folk and yodel music. I met an old yodeler in his 80's. He gave me about 150 hours of music and commentary I'm going through to mine songs from. Some of it is very rare material and would make good background music for some of my films. I had never given music any thought for my films which are for the most part silent. But some of the music may fit the films pretty good. I'll put one on the I.A. and send it in. A very rare version of Frankie and Johnny.
  3. Or transfer to DVD and trash? I trashed the bulk of mine, except for some personal tapes. I kept them just in case the new fangled DVD didn't turn out to last. Recently my archive acquired about 40 VHS tapes and now have to find head cleaners and working VHS machines. Ahhhh...the joy of going back in time!
  4. You got a nice list. I got a few records. Hope to digitize. I'd save my digital files. Appreciate it, but not into vinyl. Joe Bussard would be in trouble in a fire. https://www.google.com/search?q=joe+bussard&sxsrf=ACYBGNStix0lgeK0dHX6BKPC0VXXtHsNWg:1568734341648&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwif5bjpltjkAhVLmK0KHZWPDtkQ_AUIEygD&biw=1000&bih=630
  5. You have to PP for Vimeo. YT and Vimeo need their own separate files many a time. TV viewing may need its own file. The trend with TV is to oversaturate colors and contrast. Good luck!
  6. https://archive.org/search.php?query=3%20graces%20teoli 7 files of the same subject that illustrate the difference in resolution between 72kb - 4.32mb. The film shown is 'The 3 Graces,' a vintage acetate film suffering from vinegar syndrome.
  7. "...minimizing the appearance of breathing when changing focus."
  8. Yes, you are right about DS. I guess DS means dual sided controls. One of the lenses had dual controls and ll, so it is a DS lens. Other one does not. Why didn't Rok just mark things on the box?
  9. OK, will study my software for options. I have Movavi, hopefully it does it. I wanted to inject some movement into my movies.
  10. I bought a zoom from Japan to try. Not much $$. I've used lots of adapted FD prime lenses on the Sony. But they were all superwides. With superwide FD's the corners are fuzzy on the Sony, so gave up on them. But maybe little longer FD lenses would fly with short film clips where fuzzy corners would not be that noticeable. The longer the lens, the less the fuzz! Being underground I'm always experimenting and working outside of the mainstream. We will see.
  11. Was looking for cine' zoom options for Sony E. Had no idea they were $10,000 to $40,000 per lens. Has anyone tried old film era Canon FD zooms on the Sony? Does the FD have constant focus along the zoom range ? Thanks
  12. It does not have to be like Burns exactly, but in that style of moving parallelly around a photo or drawing, zooming in / out, etc. Can that be done easily in post or is it in-camera? I have a copy stand, but can't move the camera. And really I don't use the copy stand to film photos, I just inject the still photos into the video software. But I'd like to move around the photos or drawings, zooming in and out. If I need certain equipment for camera movements what do you recommend? Thanks
  13. https://archive.org/details/storagepreservationmotionpicfilmteolijr.a.c.39
  14. What a loss. Here are the proof sheets from The Americans in memory and honor of Frank. https://danieldteolijrarchivalcollection.wordpress.com/2018/08/06/robert-frank-the-rejected-americans-you-choose/ https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ACYBGNTkqjSJ3nDq8P3-atoPgWCXTfma_Q%3A1568136129167&source=hp&ei=wdt3XdD5B8HL-gSa-oOABA&q=Photographer+and+Filmaker+Robert+Frank+Dies&oq=Photographer+and+Filmaker+Robert+Frank+Dies&gs_l=psy-ab.12...0.0..1687...0.0..0.0.0.......0......gws-wiz.v5Iw-AC1DdE&ved=0ahUKEwiQ3r6n4sbkAhXBpZ4KHRr9AEAQ4dUDCAs
  15. Thanks for the info to check. I looked all over the lens and box. No DS mentioned.
  16. OK, just got a cheap follow focus puller. ($127) Very happy with it. Pretty good fit, some slop with sloshing of grease. But for the $$, I guess it is fine having never used $$ ones. When I first tried the lens I grabbed the t stop ring thinking it was the focus ring. Screwed up the shot. But it was just a test, so no big deal. Lens shown has to go back to BH. They keep sending AS when I order DS. Not once, but 4 times! The stop options for the follow focus is very useful. I almost threw the long handle away as it was hidden in the box. I thought it only used the wheel. PS...I always glue extensions on the shutter button of the digital cams. I do mainly still photography. I hate the shutter buttons they use. Can't feel them for shooting from the hip. Terrible design. This cam has a synthetic turquoise cabochon epoxied on the shutter release. I would prefer a black cabochon, but blue was what I had.
  17. Maybe. Planning to try anyway. He took me down in the basement to show me how he plays his pipes to the steam heat furnace. I hope to shoot that in IR. I got IR video, just no IR light sources other than flash. That is something to experiment with. I can get IR lights, but I want invisible IR light. That is the iffy part. I don't need invisible for him, I need invisible for me and other candid projects. I figure I might as well shoot for the invisible light if I can.
  18. Thanks. Still trying to get some lenses. I've ordered a few Rokinon DS from BH for my Sony. They keep sending AS lenses. They have sent replacements a number of times. 4 lenses over 2 weeks and all wrong AS lenses. In fact, the budget for the film is mainly these lenses...on my credit card! Hope to get some lenses soon I can keep. As far as worthy? I think so, but just no telling sometimes. I've had projects I thought were important and little interest was shown for them. Other projects I thought were nothing, had big followings. That is the beauty of not having to work commercial. If you please yourself with your work, you are fine. With commercial work, you got to make $$.
  19. PS...above shot was lit by one bare bulb! Ceiling light is broke. I put same photo on another forum. Face and little table desk all burned out. Every venue and print may need their own post image. This image has +/- 20 minutes of post to make it work. With film / vid, you got to get it closer unless you got deep pockets for frame by frame retouching.
  20. Last Thursday started on new documentary about an 85 year yodeler. 3 floors packed with 65 years of country music history. Still trying to figure out best way to shoot. This is his office he uses to make radio shows. No room for a tripod. My fat stomach is in the bottom of the photo. I'll shoot once or twice a week for a few hours. I can't work too hard. Got ADD. I can work hard, but not on the same project all day. Got to mix things up. Will probably end up as a 1 hour to 1.5 hour film. Whatever does it justice. Budget is next to nothing. This is an 'I do it all film.' Not knowing how to do it all is another challenge. If I hit the lotto I'd hire you guys or gals to make the film. But must be grateful for having 'some' skills to do it broke. Shot some test footage on Thursday for sound and lights. No room to get the video cam in while taking a still...that is tight!
  21. The only way to settle this is to shoot some sample film with both setups. If I had the excess $$ or equipment I would get it done for you. This is the type of thing that intrigues me. While I'm not a pixel peeper, I like to know where I stand. I do lots of available light shooting. I don't have the luxury of adding light many times. I shoot all my lenses wide open, then test stopped down some. I know which can produce decent results wide open and which can't. It is good to know if your setup will produce less than highest level results from the start.
  22. That was the topic. I heard a piece on food author Pollan that says he is into drugs now. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/04/books/review/michael-pollan-how-to-change-your-mind.html
  23. That was the exact topic title on a photo forum that kicked me out. So will open up discussion here. Recently I have been thinking I need some drugs, but not for creativity, but to get may ass in gear. Too drained to work hard and fast. Just dragging. Of course, getting more sleep would help. I can see how rock stars take drugs to get energy. I had to give up drugs in the 80's. I lost my memory for 3 days in 1985. Wanted to jump out of a window, naked. Felt like I was burning up. After that I decided I better preserve any brain cells I got left. But it is always tempting to think how creative I'd be if I just got doped up. With doc work, you can only be so creative. So lucky creativity is not the end all with my type of work.
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