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  1. Very good. Not the usual garbage scans people usually offer. You can probably get by with 300 dpi. But 600 dpi is better.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/16MM-FEATURE-FILM-RAIDERS-OF-THE-LOST-ARK-THEATRICAL-FULL-FRAME-LPP-PRINT/203337010731?pageci=71c000aa-b559-4b7c-995a-ca7fc772ca53&redirect=mobile The price of a 16mm print of Raiders of the Lost Ark on eBay.
  3. Borrah Minevitch And His Harmonica School : D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive What caused it? Is this related to Deinterlacing? (I know next to nothing about it.) The original DVD was processed through 3 different software programs. But I've used the same 3 programs before and no artifacts like this.
  4. Do you use your name on all media online? I mean right in the description of the file. Lots of people don't do that. Download your files and see what name is on them. Also a middle initial helps distinguish you from others online. Here is an old post I wrote about the importance of naming your digital files. It is NSFW and contains strong content. So if you are easily offended don't view it. And if you are moderately easy to offend...don't view it. (Not that I care if you are offended, but I don't want to cause a big ruckus.) https://danielteolijr.wordpress.com/2015/05/09/the-im
  5. Using a middle initial sometimes helps keep people separate. I found out early if I made comments on other people's blogs / websites their images show up in my image searches. So I cut out the practice years ago. Then as time went on I didn't care and now comment as I like.
  6. Why did you cut out all that internet coverage? What is wrong with a website? I'm not on social media because FB banned me after a couple weeks. I'd use Instagram, but I have no camera cell phone. I just have a cheapo Walmart Tracfone for $85 a year. I can't figure out how to post photos on Instagram with my computer. I had near 50 Tumblr's back in the day, but they pulled the plug in 2019 and lost it all. I have 80+ WordPress websites, but have done little with them lately as had trouble with the Internet Archive and got sick of wasting my time building things just to have them wip
  7. That is tough. I worked with an artist like that. He had the same name as a famous politician in Australia. But it all depends how you you want to show up online. Some people maybe want to stay low key online.
  8. Kiss Me Deadly Answering Machine 1955 : D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive I wonder if the answering machine was real? I did a little research, but found nothing concrete. The end of the clip has a short view of 1955 Wilshire Blvd in L.A. Kiss me Deadly also has Star Wars style titles in the beginning and an ending that looks like the model for Indiana Jones and the Raiders where the Nazi's explode.
  9. When editing video projects do you typically use single screen or dual screen? Vijaya Kumar C E learning Professional Answered 4 months ago For most of the editing work single screen enough. Dual screen not required unless you are editing commercials or any fully professional videos where each frame counts............ _______________________________________________________ I read that on a video forum. They didn't have an option to ask follow up questions. They only have that guy giving answers to qu
  10. You know film is film and digital is digital. Film has organic grain. Added digital grain is not organic. Now, this is an example of the digital plasticy look. No matter what you do it, it looks like digital. Click to view them... That is where I camped out in Jersey City when working in NYC before the corrosive virus hit. You can improve things if you use a big aperture for low depth of field. Although this was shot with a wide angle. Sometimes you can get a good digital shot that looks like film...if you are lucky. Here is an example with a wide open 50mm, maybe 1.5
  11. Baltimore Museum of Art Loses $50 Million Planned Gift Over Deaccession - Artforum International I've been looking for some wealthy art patrons to see if they want to chip in to buy me a film scanner. Especially the ones that get 'cancelled' and thrown off the museums Board. I will tell you from past experience. It is hard getting those type of people interested in underground film preservation. They don't want their name associated with underground work.
  12. OP...that is what separates digital from film. Film does not try as hard to make sense of deep shadows. Digital tries to make sense of it with noise sometimes. If it is a still print you can fix the poor blacks with contrast grading. (dodging and burning) But I don't think it is practical with movies. Maybe they have AI software that can / will be able to do it? Another issue with digital BW is it has too many shades of gray and it sometimes looks kinda plasticy or artificial.
  13. No, all in your head OP. A doc photog's job is to bring home the goods. Their job is not a game to see how hard they can make things for themselves.
  14. Watched the 2 DVD set of 'The Exiles.' Impressive night photography for back in 1961. As a bonus the set comes with the 1956 film 'Bunker Hill.' 'The Exiles' was also centered around Bunker Hill. The movie is about a group of young Indians living in L.A.. Characters reminds me of some of the characters in Kerouac's On the Road. The DVD was a UCLA and USC joint project. They did a nice job cleaning it up. Commentary was doable. It was not tech oriented. They had an Indian doing half of the commentary. Although a filmmaker, he was more kibitzing about Indians and their life than sticking t
  15. While traveling across the USA I try to pick up a gallon of tap water wherever I go. Sometimes the schedule is too hectic to stop and can't do it. That was the case in Memphis , TN and Paris, TX as well as a few other places where stopping to find a tap didn't work out. Still, I have tons of water tests from both Coasts and many cities in between. I also tested a large collection bottled water, water filters and water filtering vending machines. Here is a recent sample of tap water I picked up in Richmond, IN in December 2020. https://archive.org/search.php?query=richmond+indiana+teo
  16. Some of the backstory... I happened across this company's site by chance a couple days ago. I had saved one of their sex doll modeling demo videos a long time ago for a project I was doing called 'With Due Respect Beloved One' about a crack whore that morphed into another project. That was years ago. It was in a 60GB pile of stuff that needs filing / trashing. So I looked up the company and was amazed at the variety of silicone sex dolls they made. I started to screen shoot the site to get a representational sampling of their work. To shoot every nook and cranny of the site would be
  17. Thanks for the info! No, did not find out about the film. I thought usage would cost much more than that. That is pretty cheap. Years ago I had written either Magnum or Getty about using an old photo from the 1940's for a book. I think they wanted $300 - $400 for using it. For books they want to know how many books, number of editions, paperback or hardcover, USA or international and tons of other things to decide on a price. Looks like stock footage is cheaper to deal with than still photos.
  18. A gal wrote me and wanted to be buddies on LinkedIn. I used to have thousands of connections back in the day. Then one day I went too far and LinkedIn closed my account. I lost everything including the thousands of connections. I was able to rejoin a few years later, but now am very choosy who I buddy up with and also what I post there. A gal wrote me to ask to be my buddy there. She claimed to be an artist. Lots of people write me to be my buddy. I Google them and see where they are at with their 'so-called' career. Lots of BS'ers out there. This gals name was Sona Sahakian
  19. Hey, that is an upskirt for the 1890s. Plus I'm a fan of upskirts. Can you elaborate what makes me a creep? And why would you even look at a thread like this Dom? You may be labeled as a creep.
  20. Doing some tests with an IBT film and thought you would like to see the lab head. Lab tail is different than the head and has more notations. The tail also has the YCM color witness marks. https://archive.org/search.php?query=16mm+IBT+Dye+Transfer+Technicolor+Lab+Head
  21. Don't know if this has been posted as yet. I came across it by chance and thought it may be of interest. https://www.fiafnet.org/pages/e-resources/film-labs-list.html
  22. Here is a scan I did on a flatbed scanner. I just put it up for you...even has a hair! Flatbed Scan Of 16mm Fujicolor Cine' Film D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Click on it to see full res.
  23. Yes, there is important info on the edges. Amazon.com: Physical Characteristics of Early Films as Aids to Identification: New expanded Edition (9782960029697): Bolt-Wellens, Camille: Books Here is a piece of damaged film from a 1931 stag film called 'The Radio Man.' I scanned it on the flatbed scanner. Download and magnifier OP. Or click on it and scroll it up sized. nsfw Broken 16mm Film D.D. Teoli Jr. A.C. : Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Small Gauge Film Archive : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  24. If it a few frame clip, it is easier to scan bits of it on the flatbed scanner or light box that run it though a scanner to extract samples. I didn't read this whole thread. If the entire film was scanned like that then maybe they wanted to be 'artsy.' If you use AEO Light to extract the sound you have to scan the optical track as well, but not much else.
  25. You have to look at it more like megapixels. A 4K scan has a certain amount of resolution and you are getting that resolution, just not the full 4K width.
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