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  1. No idea if true or not David. That is why we discuss here. I just report what I find and we hash it out in real time. Personally I've experienced massive prejudice with my work. But I can't say it is because I'm white. Although I've thought 'old' may be an issue. If you look at TV David, 'blacks' and 'homosexuals' are being pushed down everyone's throat as a rate far beyond their percentage of the population. So seemed very plausible to me David.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8513727/Actors-writers-producers-warn-reverse-racism-film-industry.html Hollywood's identity crisis: Actors, writers and producers warn of 'reverse racism' in the film industry which has created a 'toxic' climate for anyone who is a white, middle-age man. ----------------------------- I brought up age discrimination / boomer hate a while back with getting work. Looks like skin color may be a factor as well now. (Probably does not affect Deakins.)
  3. Films that you have naming controls of? Now the name may not be used solely associated with production. Sometimes the name is used incorporated with word 'film' as in 'A XYZ Film.' I really hate when films use many 'production' or 'film' names back to back. Like they have multiple people that need their ego massaged. Someone on another forum called me a mouth breather. Well, I liked the name so I got my artist to make me a logo for my 'Mouth Breather Production' and 'A Mouth Breather Film.' https://archive.org/details/a-mouth-breather-production-nano-d.-d.-teoli-jr.-a.-c. I got other names I use, such as 'A Chikan Groper Film', 'A Jumping Jack Film' and a few more. I get bored easy and like to have some fun, so I call my films by different names...but being visually oriented, they all have images that go with the names. Now if I could not use images along with the names I probably would not use production names like this. What about you? If you use production names how did you decide on the name?
  4. https://archive.org/details/the-golden-west...-los-angeles-partial The source of this film said it was the earlier formula Kodachrome even though the film is dated 1938. I've seen early Kodachrome, (pre 1938) it is nothing like this. It is a mess. Also see gasholder @ 43 seconds upper left. (looks like erector set) Very rare and extinct. There were common in when I was a kid. Before hi-pressure gas lines, gasholders were it for natural gas.
  5. In today's cancel culture, with low prospects for film processing choices, it would not surprise me for labs to ban troublemakers.
  6. OP, can't advise about the tech. Can only reply as to standards. We are in a new world now, and it is not just from the corrosive virus. Standards have gone to hell in many areas and pride of workmanship has been replaced with a 'just give me my paycheck' mentality. Honesty is also under attack. The lab may have made a mistake on their end and it will be charged to you instead of them eating the loss. Can you prove otherwise? You depend on them for honesty. Not much you can do about it now midstream. Try another lab next time or maybe suck it up and start shooting digital if you find it hard to get your film processed properly without wrecking a project. What would have happened if you had given them the entire shoot at once and you can't reshoot the material? Good luck!
  7. https://archive.org/details/kish-ultimate-directors-cine-viewfinder-ground-glass-markings-d.-d.-teoli-jr.-a.-c./mode/2up Maybe of use to someone.
  8. https://archive.org/details/the-tourists-1912 Internet Archive restored most of my account so am in the process of reorganizing my film collection that was in disarray after it was put in storage when the I.A. closed my account. Here is a cute silent film from 1912 called The Tourists. Synopsis: Tourists miss their train and are stuck in a small town with Indians selling wares to travelers. One of the female tourists flirts with a male Indian and his wife gets mad. A group of Indian squaws goes on the warpath to seek their revenge and the tourists have to make a fast escape. It was interesting how in the old days the companies making the films would put their logo on the intertitle cards. Currently I have 158 films at the I.A. Eventually I will have thousands of films at the I.A. (If they don't ban me again.) I can't put them all up there. Search my account at the I.A. and you can see what films interests you.
  9. OK, just converted it to MP4. Here is Mantrap https://archive.org/details/mantrap-1926 If you got slow net like me, you will have to download to watch. I can't even watch my own uploads. I also converted about 40 other silent films to upload. Some of them are crazy interesting. Little by little will get them up, as long as the I.A. does not kick me out again. Still have trouble with getting sound synched with lips on some of the MP4 conversions. You would think in this day and age it would not be an issue. I have to cut the audio out and try and drag it to reposition it. But that only works up to a point. Luckily for me most of my archival film work, as well as my own filmmaking is very basic and is not loaded with hi-tech trickery...that I don't know how to do even if I wanted to.
  10. Very Nice! Looks like some interesting stuff. Good luck Ellory!
  11. I saw her in 'Mantrap'. It is a silent film for 1926. Bow was fantastic. I hope to put the film on the Internet Archive sometime. The Internet Archive just restored most of my account (1649 out of 1666 collections) Have no idea what they deleted. My first goal is to make a screen recording to inventory my Archive at the I.A.. Better late than never. First time in 51 years of work and 51 years of censorship that anyone reversed their decision to pull the plug on me. But it was just by chance that I contacted the right person, otherwise they refused. I had about a dozen silent films I was in the process of uploading to the I.A. when they closed my account. Was disgusted and chucked them all. Now I have to go find all the films again. ...well, that is how it is on July 4, 2020.
  12. Lets see her art Vital. Dos she have a website?
  13. Put some of that stuff online AJ. WordPress is a good free blogging site. OP, in the past I've made spiral bound proposals with my inkjet printers. But they are costly and time consuming. If a proposal didn't work out and I got it back, it was a simple thing to unbind it and change a page or two with the recipients names and rebind it. But I have a binding machine and can do it myself. If you can get by with the digital, then AJ's method sounds good. You may want to ask the recipient what they prefer...digital or print. I always liked books myself, something about having it in your hands. But I can't say one method is better than the other. Some people hate books and like digital. Good luck OP!
  14. Andrew and Shawn are both right, in that there is not right or wrong way other than you gotta be true to your vision. If you are all about loud and obnoxious, then be true to it. I do what I like almost 98% of the time. And if it turns people off, so be it. If you can't be true to your art, then what have you got? If it is not your natural way, then it is just an act. You are just trying to be someone else for the $$. Now, if you are just starting out, then you may have to bend some. But if you want to develop a personal style, then it is good to stick to your vision as much as you can.
  15. You have to have $$ for that AJ. Some of these poor filmmakers can hardly afford the film stock. As I've told the forum before, artists have to dream and then they try to find a way to get sum...of that dream. OP, you should find a gal that is into MMA or boxing and is used to getting beat up. If you can't do it right, dump the shot. Never put in a crappy shot just because your ego demands it. Rewrite the script to fit your skills and budget. You should try all these stunts yourself OP to see what they feel like. Put some padding on the actors under their clothes or the walls and paint it. Can you do some fast edits of the chair falling back on a thin dense foam pad then a close up cut to the bare floor shot? If she is in the attackers arms he should be able to break her fall somewhat. You could put a harness around him that has an elastic tether to help keep some of the weight off of her. But all this stuff takes rigging and lots of testing. One thing to watch for when falling backwards on a chair onto tile floor is hitting your head on the tile. Or she could fall on a hamper of clothes then ono the tile. And if all else fails, put some nudity in it OP. A nude shot it worth 3 or 4 falling chair shots. Good luck...and send in the film when you are done.
  16. OK, that is fair Uli. But do you want to be force-fed to read one sided opinions jammed into the film or put it in the special features? You see Uli, much of this was just how life was lived back then. Same with Jivaro Indians that shrunk heads or Mayan that offered human sacrifices to their gods and what have you. Now when I say one sided Uli, do you know that black males are +/- 6.3% of the population in the USA and do upwards of +/- 52% of the murder in the USA? Will they put that in the film as well Uli? I don't mind at all if people have their say, but lets get both sides of the story Uli.
  17. I hope this is not too political for you guys and gals. But it IS film news. The cancel culture has axed 'Gone with the Wind' as too racist for public consumption. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/hbo-max-removes-gone-wind-1297806 The Christmas classic 'Holiday Inn' is next on the chopping block. DVD's of the films may someday be as scarce as 'Song of the South.' Unthinkable, huh? But if the book burning gets under steam and the virtue signalers get ahold of the DVD's for public shows of mass destruction, anything is possible nowadays.
  18. Now, even if a person is rich there can be no continuity online. Lets say I was rich and could set up my own dream website. As soon as I kicked off an stopped paying the bills my website would go poof. And even if I set up a Foundation to run it, the Foundation would be composed of prejudiced people with their own egos and agenda. Sooner or later they would **(obscenity removed)** up the Archive. I'm one of the few people in the world that could run such a website as I have no prejudice when it comes to archival work. I work true to form. Fads, politics and complaints don't phase me. Since I am non commercial, threats of boycott and physical threats do not affect me. Nowadays with the 'cancel culture' they will try to destroy a person they do not agree with by any means and sometimes that means is physical. I carry a Glock wherever I go and have a SBR in my trunk with easy access via the pass through. (In NYC I keep a low profile as I can't carry my guns.) Now sure, I got plenty or personal prejudices, but they do not extend to archival work. I check my personal prejudices at the door when it comes to my work. The Getty Museum worked around some of these problems I bring up. They set the standard for how an archive should be managed and shared with the world. They share their copyright owned material for free and in hi-res, that can be used for any use and in easy to download files. I model my own Archive after the Getty. Being an underground Archive, I even go beyond what the Getty offers. I share hi-res files of things I don't own the copyright to, but I assume would not be a problem sharing do to age and or fair use. In other words...I push the envelope. And if there would be a complaint, I'd take it down. But in 5-1/2 years of work, I've only had a couple of copyright complaints. (Film copyright complaints were more common.) Making sure an archive is distributed around the world and is in as many hands as possible is a good way to preserve a semblance of an archive before the POS that eventually take it over get their hands on it and start working to dismantle it and erase history.
  19. I worked for the Internet Archive for 5-1/2 years as a volunteer. On May 25, 2020 they banned me and deleted all my uploads, which totaled 70,000 to 110,000 items. The collection was a mix of film, video, audio, photos, artwork and PDF books. I don't have an exact number of items as I never counted the number of items in each collection. To me it was like putting money in a piggy bank. You keep putting in, you know it is a lot, but you never know what the exact amount is. I lost some of the material as I used the Internet Archive as a cloud and didn't keep a backup. But I have the original files for about 90% -95% of the items. I wrote Internet Archive to ask if they could restore my account for a couple of days so I could download my lost files, but got no reply. Beside having a photo and PDF website, is it practical for an individual to set up a mini YouTube type website that can have downloadable video and downloadable audio? The video does not have to be exactly like YouTube. It can be downloadable video files with just sample still clips or stills if a YouTube video style website is too pricey to make and maintain. If so, how much does it cost to set up such a website? How much a year is it to maintain it? Where would I go to learn how to do it? High resolution files of all the archival material I contributed was free to all. I called my archive 'The People's Archive.' Sadly, I didn't even get up 1% -2% of my films before they deleted it all. Even so I had somewhere around 125 films and VHS videos uploaded. Here is the material the Internet Archive deleted and what I want to put on my website. Early Photography: Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Opalotypes, Tintypes, Cyanotypes, Glass Plates, Autochromes, Gum Bichromate, Platinum, Palladium, Bromoil, & Salt Prints. C.D.V. & Cabinet Cards Sodbusters - Prairie Settlers Fat Women of the 1800's Fashion, Portrait & Vernacular Photographs from the 19th Century Early Japanese 19th Century Albumen Photographs & Glass Plates Early 20th Century Rodeo Photographs Vintage Ballerinas & Dancers Historical Collotype, Woodburytype, Photogravure & Halftone Plates Pre-Jazz Era – WW I Roaring 20’s – Flappers1930’s – Depression Era1940’s – WW II Eiffel Tower Bobbysoxers Vintage Schools, Classrooms & Students Vintage Dye Transfer Prints Steel Pier Diving Horses Girls with Cameras 1950’s – Extensive Beat Generation Archives 1960’s – Hippies Vintage Kodachrome Slides Fashion 1845 – 1980: Dresses, Hats, Ribbons, Bows, Bonnets, Buttons & Shoes 19th & 20th Century Muffs - Purses Victorian & Edwardian Husband & Wife Portraits 19th Century Children Extensive Collection of 19th & Early 20th Century Wedding Dresses Mid 20th Century Satin & Lace Wedding Dresses Tea Length Wedding Dresses Vintage Wedding Parties Vintage Bridal Bouquets & Nosegays Vintage Bridal Headpieces Magic Lantern Slides Vintage Boxing Ladies Artists & Art Studios Mutilated Photos – Faces Cut Out Vintage Travel Trailers Breastfeeding Majorettes Vintage Radio, Hi-Fi, Reel to Reel, Television, HAM and Vacuum Tube Photos & Ephemera QSL Postcard Archive / QSL Risqué Postcards Historical Audio Recordings Acetate Records Airchecks Radio Transcriptions Phil Schaap Jazz Archive Reel to Reel & Cassette Tapes Ruth Wallis Archive Living Letters Archive Nesta Kerin Crain Archive Radio Station Photos and Ephemera Early Beachwear Fredericks of Hollywood Archive Sami Laplanders Archive Women’s Hairstyles 1840 – 1980 Hair Curlers Christmas – Santa Claus – Snowmen Vintage New York City Before Photoshop – Retouched Photos Of Historical Interest Macabre Yawning Vintage Eyeglasses Vintage African Postcards Vintage Middle East Postcards Newsworthy Vintage Press Photos Politics Nixon Archive JFK Archive The McCarthy Era Vintage Football Press Photographers – Press Cameras Roadside Americana – Dinosaur Statues Stereo Photography Painted (Retouched) Press Photos Gender Studies Vintage Nudes Upskirts Vintage Pornography Sexual Deviants Early Bondage, BDSM Photos and Ephemera Crossdressers Homosexual Erotica Early Transvestite - Female Impersonators - Mimic Publications Vintage Explicit Personal Correspondence 8mm and 16mm Vintage Pornography 1920 – 1970 16mm Adult Film Trailers Vintage Homosexual & Heterosexual Cartoon Photos Vintage 16mm Kodachrome Home Movies 1938 – 1960 Historical 16mm Films 1920 – 1960 Vintage Train Films Educational Films & School Daily Life Circus Films Underground Films Art Films – ‘Art Student’ Figure Films Silent Films / Silent Films with later added comic narration Cine Arts Films Small Gauge Reel and Film Can Archive Film Rental Catalogs Vintage 1970’s VHS Pornography Videotapes1970’s Adult Film Trailers on VHS Vintage Erotic Cartoons Early #800, #900 & ‘.com’ Sex Ads on VHS Early Homosexual VHS Sex Ads Japanese 1980’s VHS Pornography Videotapes Japanese 1980’s Adult Film Trailers on VHS Obscure VHS Videotapes Political Comix Vintage Medical Photos Sleepers RPPC’s Propaganda Outcasts Underground Social Documentary Photography Vernacular Snapshot Aesthetics Vintage Circus Vintage Night Photography Whimsical Halloween Blackface Historical NAACP / Racial Prejudice Picnics Ghost Transfer Images Black Panther - Black Power Publications Belle Barth Archive Switchboard Operators Vintage Parades1940’s – 1960’s Swimsuits & Sportswear Vintage Umbrellas & Parasols Weegee Archive Vintage Rodeo Currier & Ives Darktown Comics Vintage Print Advertising Stripper Groupies See-through Negligée Trocadero Theatre Bettie Page Archive Hand-Colored Photos Maurice Seymour Archive Irving Klaw Zine & Ephemera Irving Klaw Negative Archive Vintage Pinups Eric Stanton Illustrations Sexploitation Vintage Birthday Parties Donald Trump Film Era Ephemera Vintage Cine’ & Still Camera Ephemera Leica Publications & Ephemera Vintage High School & College Yearbooks Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy Collection Down Syndrome Self Harm – Cutters Postmortem Photographs Early Computer, Video & Cell Phone Ephemera Black Americana Vintage Sheet Music Artists’ Books Vintage Comix – Comics Original Comix Art & Ephemera Neo-Nazi - White Power Publications Mimeograph Machine Photos & Ephemera Vintage Jazz Photos, Periodicals & Ephemera Yodeling Dick Brooks Archive Early Mountain, Country, Hillbilly, Western & Folk Music WWVA Jamboree Archive Square Dance Music, Call Sheets and Ephemera Mimeo Revolution Press – Little Magazines –Independent Press Poetry Counterculture & Underground Newspapers Paladin Press Archive Covid-19 - Coronavirus Audio Archive Vintage Newspapers Handbills Malware / Ransomware / SPAM / Robocall Correspondence Laserdiscs Zines ...Thanks for any help!
  20. A 1972 16mm film on the history of porn in NYC came up for sale on eBay. I have been looking for a copy of it on VHS for years. It covers the 1970s grindhouse era on Times Square. The 16mm film for sale is only 90% complete. The seller has a scanning lab out in the Northwest. I asked if he was going to scan the film before he sells it, but he said he wasn't. He said if it was complete he possibly would scan it. He told me he could scan the 50 min film on a Lasergraphics for $500 if I wanted a copy. I offered him $50 for a DVD just to look at the faded pink film, but $50 does not go far with film work. That is what happens with money based enterprises, it is all about profit. With non-profit historical archives they are happy to get what they can and if something better does comes up they update their material with a better copy. But there is no guarantee a better copy will ever come up. Now, I can't blame him for wanting a profit, we all have to pay the rent. Just saying films are disgustingly expensive to deal with. If I was rich I'd pay $500 for a DVD to look at. I would not care. When you kick off you leave it all behind for someone else to spend for you, so why not spend it yourself. But alas, not rich. Going back to film archives... I was told that when the big film archives do find a better copy for their library they trash the retired version in the dumpster. If true, isn't that sad ending for film.
  21. https://www.redsharknews.com/sony-zv-1-is-an-entirely-new-genre-of-camera "Some of you out there might claim that a Vlogging camera isn't new. However Sony's newly announced ZV-1 isn't just a camera that has a few Vlog friendly features. Instead it has been designed from the ground up to be used for this purpose."
  22. I sometimes shoot a movie with a still cam for timing and comp practice. Lots of nice stills in Godzilla https://danieldteolijrarchivalcollection.wordpress.com/2017/08/13/the-godzilla/ I did another one on The Train. Have not got around to post processing it.
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