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  1. I found someone made a PDF of my JPEGS so you can view easier. PDF's are where I draw the line. If I had an easy to use drag a folder, drop and export PDF software then I'd make them...but I don't. All my limited time permits are scans. And I'm years backed up with scans as well. Here is link for hi res JPEG and PDF. https://archive.org/search.php?query=Eastman+Motion+Picture+Films+for+Professional+Use
  2. When I first joined Freesound they blocked me from contributing sounds. Lacking time and patience to screw around with finicky websites I donated some of my recordings to the Internet Archive instead. Here are some of the sounds you can download if you have a use for them. I'm not a professional audio recordist, so they vary in sound quality. But I try to only upload things that are somewhat decent. https://archive.org/search.php?query=sound effects teoli I also have a huge Audio Archive. Some of it is online at the I.A. while much of it is in the process of being digitized / uploaded. Over 10,000 hours of historic audio. As a side note... If anyone needs to have R/R tapes , records, VHS or sound cassettes digitized, I'd be glad to do it for free (WAV or MP3 for audio)...as long as it is of interest to me to include in my Archive and you want to share the content. (I don't digitize for $$...no share...no digitizing.)
  3. Article discusses archival qualities of liquid dye inkjet prints vs. pigment inkjet prints for fade resistance. NSFW https://daniel-d-teoli-jr-archival-collection-ii.home.blog/2020/10/13/dye-inkjet-vs-pigment-inkjet/
  4. https://archive.org/search.php?query=ammo+and+yodeling+teoli I made this short 27 minute film to document the variety and prices of popular small arms ammunition being sold in the United States in 2020. It was also made to document what ammunition was actually available for sale after the Covid-19 pandemic combined with the riots and unrest of the Summer of 2020. During this time, guns, ammunition and some reloading supplies, like primers and powder were in very short supply. For instance, there are 1372 pistol cartridges and 895 rifle cartridges listed for sale. Out of that number only 3 pistol and 23 rifle cartridges were actually in stock and available to purchase. The rest were sold out. The film may be kinda boring unless you like endless scrolling to show you every cartridge that was made in 2020. But it has some great yodeling and hillbilly music. At the beginning of the film is an animation of a dog with its penis out. I don't know if that makes it NSFW or not. Rest of the film is SFW unless you work in an environment that does not like gun related material.
  5. I was walking at dusk to get to Times Square to do some shooting with my IR camera. After a day of pounding the pavement I was tired and had my IR camera and IR flash in the case. I was going to set up when I got to Times Square. As I got older and had 51 years of shooting on the street, the novelty was kinda wearing off some. I was not as hungry for photos as I once was. When I was hungry I always had camera in-hand. And when you add the IR flash to the mix it is heavier and more of a pain to carry in your hand. I'm not the kind of photog that uses a shoulder strap. I only carry a camera in-hand when street shooting. https://danielteolijr.wordpress.com/2017/09/27/the-key-to-success-on-the-street-is-be-ready/ I'm going into all this detail to tell you the photo I missed was not due to my lack of skill...it was due to laziness. I could have easily got the photo if I had the camera in-hand and IR flash was charged up. That is the kinda photography I am very highly skilled at. But you know the deal with 'ifs'...if grandma had balls she would be grandpa! Here are 2 examples...both candid. They are from my artist's book 'Living in a Carboard Box' project. https://archive.org/details/livinginacardboardboxirflashd.d.teolijr. https://archive.org/details/LivingInACardboardBoxD.D.TeoliJr.Mr. Now, lets get back to the main story... I was walking by a homeless man that had just got up from his mess of debris and bedding that was piled up against a building. I saw he had a coffee can in his hand. So I kept an eye on him and I turned to see what he was going to do with the can. I saw he poured urine from the can into the subway grate on the sidewalk. A year later I was still mad for being lazy and missing the shot, so I had my Argentinian artist draw me up a comix to memorialize what I saw and missed capturing. I figured maybe I could let it go and put the regret to rest. https://archive.org/details/homeless-man-nyc-pouring-urine-in-subway-grate-nano-d.-d.-teoli-jr.-a.-c. The original scene was not as cheerful as the comix. But it gets the message across. I let the artists that work for me do their thing and don't try to work them to death for a $25 job. That is part of the fun of art, seeing what people come up with on their own after some basic script. If I had the $$ I would have monthly contests for artists to do the same comix script in their own style. Well, now you know why the subways stink so much. They are not only used as a sewer by people underneath but get bombarded with human waste from above as well.
  6. https://www.redsharknews.com/is-it-ever-acceptable-to-grade-on-a-computer-monitor? Good article by Phil. Never knew the monitors cost so much. I will second a dedicated room or at least one with no widows and bright lights. If the sun hits I have to cover the monitor and my head with a dark cloth. Window has blinds but still glary. You need a file graded for every use. What looks good as a photo print looks wrong for the MP4 video file for computer viewing and what looks right for the MP4 computer looks wrong for the DVD for the TV viewing. Then you got YT and Vimeo to deal with. I just try to split the difference with the grading if it is to be used for multiple viewing options. My monitor does good B&W. Laptops tend to skew B&W by toning it. When I found a monitor I liked for true B&W I bought a few of them for reserve. (Discontinued HP $120 monitor....Walmart closed them out for $80.) If I had $30K I would save up for a 16mm sound film scanner, not a monitor. But I don't need to be a pro color grader. Most of what I work with is old archival footage. Lots of leeway with grading. Just view your work on multiple viewing options to see how it holds up. And if you got the luxury, you can make different grades for different uses.
  7. OK, put up some stills up then. You should be able to put up full res clips at the Internet Archive for download. (I don't know if there would be a limit, but they took all of mine.) https://archive.org/details/text-size-color-tests-pal-576p-d.-d.-teoli-jr.-a.-c. If you are successful you should think about marketing the scanners. Do you have an interest in that end of the biz?
  8. I got interested in the subject because I like to use red text in my films. I started with red spiral bindings on my artist's books. Became kinda a trademark. nsfw https://danielteolijr.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/de-wallen-amsterdams-red-light-district-expanded-preview/ Then used red text on my RPPC mailings. When I got into film / video I wanted to use red text. But it just does not work. It is OK if everything is Blu-ray or hi-res MP4. But as soon as you start making all the various lower resolution derivations, the red goes to hell. It looks orange and not red or it starts breaking up and shows a white border. So I thought I would try some other colors beside red as I disliked plain Jane black and white text. I found all the colors suffered the same problem. So black and white it is for me. I uploaded my tests so they may be of use to others. With commercial movie text sometimes it is so small you can't read it. Or they run it so fast it is an unreadable blur.
  9. https://archive.org/details/text-size-color-tests-pal-576p-d.-d.-teoli-jr.-a.-c. Covers a wide range of color, size and resolutions.
  10. Now Yong, here is the quality you get with a cheap Fuji X-E1 16mp camera converted to 850nm IR with 850nm IR flash and no available light to speak of. I was in a dark gay bar in Hollywood shooting for a project. I shot some IR video with it elsewhere, but hardly got going and the virus hit and was shut down. https://archive.org/details/TranswomanFriend-InfraredFlash The Sony does better than the Fuji, but cost a lot more. Fuji camera used was a couple hundred $$. Conversion was about $300. I had about $575 in the IR camera. If you click on my name and see 'About Me' I have another IR photo shot with the Fuji IR at the end of the list. Hoyte used the IR Alexa in Ad Astra. https://www.indiewire.com/2019/09/ad-astra-how-cinematographer-hoyte-van-hoytema-took-an-avant-garde-dive-into-deep-space-1202174670/ Let us know how you make out with with your IR project Yong...I love IR!
  11. Impressive you picked them out. I just get the main people during credits.
  12. I had mine (Fuji and Sony) converted to 850nm. I tried color conversion IR with an M43 and didn't like it. But I was using it for IR flash photography in the dark. If I was looking for daylight IR, then I would have liked the color IR. I also used the 850nm for video in the dark with a single IR light. I was going for a rough documentary look. If you want it lit nicely, then you will need a few IR lights if you are doing it in BW in the dark. But IR lights are $$. As far as 'how to?' Lots of experimenting. But with digital , it could not be easier to see the what ifs. Good luck!
  13. https://archive.org/details/dan-aykroyd-disc-jockey-snl-2nd-season-10.2.76 Old SNL disc jockey skit from 1976
  14. OP, no matter how broke, there is not much excuse not to do something. At least with digital that is. (OK, film cost $$, so you may have an excuse.) You can get a out of date 720p or 1080p digital camera on eBay for next to nothing. You can get early Movavi editing software on eBay for very little. Does all the basics. Best of luck in finding what you need for a steady diet of inner fulfillment.
  15. https://archive.org/details/improvised-suppressors_202009 They must have went to Mexico to make it or another country. Tinkering with suppressors or making machine guns is illegal without a license. It was on YouTube for a short while then they banned it. As an archivist with a long history with censorship I made sure it was added to my VHS Archive while the getting was good. But...just because it is at the I.A. means nothing. I have had lots of problems with them over the last few months. So if you have an interest in the subject, download a copy for your archive. Even if you don't like guns, it schools you on how suppressors are designed and what they do. Amazingly the home made suppressors work better for noise reduction than the machine built commercial suppressors. But the home built units are not as accurate and don't last as long. Fascinating stuff! BTW, you can buy legal gun suppressors in certain states. All you need is a Class III license and $200 tax stamp from the ATF.
  16. Sometimes you don't know you've gone too far until you do. Experimentation is part of the give and take artistic process.
  17. Gamma Ray... "In 2020 we added again upgraded the ScanStation to 6.5k for virtually noiseless HDR scanning of 8mm through 35mm film. We will also have our custom-built 35/70mm 14k scanner online in the fall of 2020." You got an impressive crew there Perry. I hadn't been to your site in a while. I was talking with a film collector about getting some sound scans of his 16mm done and brought you up for a scanning source. I saw your 14K scan project and my eyes popped out. That must be the biggest film scanner in the world! I've never heard of anything that big. One suggestion... Although I didn't look at every nook and cranny, I only see still samples at yours site. You should pick up some public domain home movies or something to show actual movie scans at the site. You should have some moving pictures of the output of the ScanStation to 6.5k virtually noiseless HDR scanning of 8mm / 16mm.
  18. The C70 breaks new ground as the first camera sharing the RF lens mount with Canon’s mirrorless cameras, including the cinema-oriented R5 and R6 cameras. The unibody design of the camera creates a manageable form-factor and minus lens and battery weighs a mere 2.6 pounds. While it may look like an oversized stills camera, it is definitely a dedicated video device with an important feature not present in mirrorless cameras that do still-video double duty. And that is built-in ND. Because of the short flange depth of the RF lens mount, Canon was able to include a motorized 10-stop ND filter in increments of 2,4,6,8 and 10 stops.
  19. That's right. Stay way from Bronica if you can help it. I used to have the old TLR Mamiya. Liked it, but didn't like the parallax, so went single lens view. With the SWC I used a ground glass adapter to view thought the lens.
  20. OP, Hasselblad's are cheap. Or go with Pentax 6x7 or Pentax 645. All this film gear is priced at a fraction of their cost when film was king. I liked the SWC myself. I've always favored superwides. NSFW https://danielteolijr.wordpress.com/2016/05/14/what-is-the-coolest-medium-format-film-camera/ I kept my old SWC. I thought about selling it. It is the last of the radioactive glass era. I'm hoping China makes a FF affordable digital back for it someday. Like $1200 or less. 6mp FF would be great. That more than outdoes negative film. 35mm flatbed scanned negative film equals about 3 or 4 mp with a P&S camera. I had all the mp test results vs film online, but Tumblr banned me and deleted all my Tumblr sites in 2019.
  21. Here is how I organize my M-Disc archive. Provides an easy to access snapshot of what are on the discs. https://danieldteolijrarchivalcollection.wordpress.com/2020/09/20/organizing-an-m-disc-archive/
  22. The Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archive Cameron's Encyclopedia Of Motion Pictures 3 Volumes - 1948. A-E 375 pages F-P 385 pages Q-W 321 pages https://archive.org/search.php?query=Cameron's+Encyclopedia+Of+Motion+Pictures May be of interest to researchers or historians. If you want it, download it. You will need to download anyway to see the pages in order which are unpaginated and in alphabetical order. And Internet Archive deletes my material periodically and has banned me in the past. If it is important to you, always have your own copy.
  23. Screen recorder does not record in synch off computer screen. Any idea as to why? I'm using Movavi screen recorder. I fixed it by cutting off a little of the sound track and dragging sound to start. The problem is the sound is on a delay. Sometimes the screen recorder does fine with sound. It is a crapshoot. Thanks
  24. Nice work. Very odd to see 35mm home movies. Back in the day, the old time rich would use 16mm. You had better put the details on the film. When you kick off it goes on eBay and no one knows anything about it.
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