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  1. Beside her plaster work, Cynthia Plaster Caster was quite a creative illustrative artist. I saw some of her Christmas cards she made in a video. Unfortunately, I can't find much online about the cards. Cynthia Plaster Caster 5.24.47 - 4.21.22 Sadly, Cynthia Plaster Caster died a couple months ago. She was 74. I had tried to contact her to see if she would send me scans of the Christmas cards she made so I could include them in my Archive. But I could not get in touch with her. I hope a collection of the cards surfaces someday. You just never know...some things never surface.
  2. A while back you had complained the lens that came with the HDS was subpar and giving you soft images...or some such thing. Did you ever find a lens you are happy with for the HDS?
  3. That is why you do tests / sample scans. You can debate all you want with words, but where are the test images? You try the options to see what works best for you. The tests have the final word.
  4. Is it similar to the Retroscan where you got aperture and a light brightness dial? You should do a YT video on its operation. When I first started cine' scanning I tried auto exposure. Terrible results. Everything is manual now. And much is timed scans if exposure is not consistent.
  5. OP...I gave up cable about 15 years ago. Saved about $14,000 over the years. I put that money in cine' reels for the Archive, photography and other archival work. On a good day, in my local, we get 3 on-air channels. All political propaganda pretty much. I only watch the nightly propaganda news, 60 Minutes and Sunday Morning propaganda show. I copy the Olympics every couple years and speed through it. I generally just watch DVD and Blu-ray I get from the library. I can get 10 or 20 DVD's from the library a week if I want. They have access to all the collections in the state more or less. But, in general, I just watch an hour or two of DVD's a night. I'm mainly doing work. No time for TV...especially propaganda. WWII Propaganda Postcard DDTJRAC Now, I collect propaganda extensively in the Archive, but don't like being force-fed propaganda on TV when I want some entertainment. I watch all sort of films as long as they are interesting. I especially like old Noir and obscure films. A friend has Netflix. I can watch it anytime I like. Seldom if ever used it. Over the last year watched something about bodybuilders buying breast milk to build muscles and the Don't Look Up movie on friend's Netflix. My favorite part was then the shits got eaten in the end! I got Yellowstone season 1 a few months ago. I will order Season 2 from the library when I feel like it. I like old films. Especially some of the Avant-Garde obscure film collections and silent films from the early 1900's. An old favorite film of mine was High Noon 1952. I like watching films, when films were films, and not a bunch of bullshit jump cuts and CGI.
  6. OP...is the exposure pretty constant on the film? Are they home movies? If exposure is all over the place, you may need timed scans, as opposed to best light scans, to get the best you can from the film. Just depends on how much the exposure varies. You should put up some sample scan photos. Text only goes so far. Good luck with your project!
  7. This is a crop of the title page. It was on a dupe VHS tape. One of the other films on the tape was dated 1980. I'm thinking this is some of the earliest titling text used on videotapes. Any idea as to the date/s it was used? Thanks
  8. I have lots of 8mm and 16mm Zeiss viewers. They are the best. But I've given up on them more or less. You can get a pretty good snapshot of a film with rewinds and a loupe. I inspect the beginning a few frames withing and the end. When you have thousands of films to take a quick look at, the viewer is just too time consuming.
  9. A lady donated 2 cases (1,000 discs) of inkjet printable M-Disc 4.7GB to my Archive. I was very grateful as I had cut out buying M-Disc 4.7GB for my VHS Archive over a year ago after they jacked the price up from $2.10 to $3.06 per disc. The distribution for 4.7GB M-Disc is terrible, not much competition and priced is pretty fixed. Now, the discs look to be the same and the earlier discs. The problem is with the packaging. One case of discs had the usual bottom plastic disc floater replaced by a paper-thin piece of plastic at the bottom of the spindle. That was fine, not an issue. The next case of discs had nothing. The bottom disc rested on the bottom of the spindle. All the discs in that case had scratches on the bottom disc. So, 20 discs had defects due to poor packing. Maybe they forgot to put in the thin plastic liner in one case or maybe they just cheapened up even more and thought a paper-thin piece of plastic was too much cost or used too much wasted crude oil...dunno. As far as M-Disc themselves? They are as archival as you can get with optical media and archiving digital data. I've used them for many years and have done extensive torture testing of M-Disc of all sizes. It is just too bad there is not more competition with engraved optical media / engraved quartz. Verbatim used to make affordable, branded 4.7GB M-Disc that were good. But they discontinued the 4.7GB M-Disc around +/- 2020. <><><><> Damage from recent storm...thousands of trees down! Photo: D.D.Teoli Jr.
  10. 2 Dogs Barking D. D. Teoli Jr. : D. D. Teoli Jr. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive When I take a walk, I will carry a small digital recorder with me to capture interesting sounds. Here is a field recording of dogs barking if you need it for any of your projects.
  11. Court: Harvard can be sued for distress over slave photos (aol.com) BOSTON (AP) — A Connecticut woman who says she's descended from slaves who are portrayed in widely published, historical photos owned by Harvard University can sue the school for emotional distress, Massachusetts’ highest court ruled Thursday. The state’s Supreme Judicial Court partly vacated a lower court ruling that dismissed a complaint from Tamara Lanier over photos she says depict her enslaved ancestors. The images are considered some of the earliest that show enslaved people in the U.S. The court concluded the Norwich resident and her family can plausibly make a case for suffering “negligent and indeed reckless infliction of emotional distress” from Harvard and remanded that part of their claim to the state Superior Court. The judges said the university failed to contact Lanier when it used one of the images on a book cover and prominently featured it in materials for a campus conference — even after she'd reached out about her ancestral ties. “In sum, despite its duty of care to her, Harvard cavalierly dismissed her ancestral claims and disregarded her requests, despite its own representations that it would keep her informed of further developments,” the ruling states. ---- What a mess the USA is becoming.
  12. You would never think in a million years a scanner would scratch film. What a mess. People don't care what kind of product they put out nowadays. Listen up...and I'm only going to tell you this once... When you get some new piece of equipment that runs film, run some white poly leader through it first. Don't use acetate leader. Poly leader is very sticky from static electricity and easily picks up problems. Below is leader that was run through a projector with deteriorated rubber rollers. Photo : D.D.Teoli Jr. Acetate leader may be better for showing scratches and dents to film. This leader below happens to be poly, so it can also work. Photo : D.D.Teoli Jr. I gave up on acetate leader. Just too crazy priced now. I got a few hundred feet left, but am mainly poly leader now. I like acetate leader best. Poly leady is one big dust magnet. In the dark, shine a flashlight on it sideways and see what I mean. Terrible. But acetate is only for the well financed cine' devote, if you are talking about thousands of reels of film like I have to deal with.
  13. So how do you handle it? Can you scan at slower speeds? Will your cache keep the files until they can be saved to the drive or are some dropped?
  14. Then it wont work for warped film. Sounds like a Retroscan gate where the film just runs between two edges...flat or warped. Warped films should be flattened in the gate or you can't get any steady focus.
  15. Todd, if you haven't done so, you should be making a blog about your work with Diamant. Showcasing options you can deliver with your stock footage / restoration gig. Same with Robert. He talked about making things work for low budget indie films. Well put out some of the budget plans to show how it works in black and white. I mean, you guys are in biz. You want biz. So, spell out all the options to get more biz and show how it can be done before someone gives up on it due to worries about costs. Breast feed them in info!
  16. Tyler, it is very troubling they would send out the machine with a gate that scratches film. Do you think it was a QC fluke? That's basic shit right there. You got a brand new camera or scanner, it should not scratch the film. How did you recover from that loss?
  17. Robert, you should know about scanners. And have samples ready from various scanners for the film practitioners to review before ordering scans. As far as gearheads? Dunno, I'm not on set. But sure, you got camera fondlers, fanboys and gearheads of every variety. For me, I'm not much of a gearhead. I just want the finished project. I can appreciate fit, finish and construction. But in the end, all I want is the finished product and not a hard-on for the gear. For instance, I'd be perfectly happy buying hi-grade or even decent scans of films to work with and not have to bother with the physical film and scanning. But, many times to need the experience of handling things like film to learn. You can't learn via shortcuts and be well rounded. And people may learn from the lusting and fondling of gear. There have been times in the past where I bought a thing just to look at it, see how it worked and how it was built, along with taking photos of it. If you want to look at it...you have to buy one!
  18. Yes, true. But artists have to dream and explore. Artists need room to work for growth and development. Joan Miro in studio...click to view. Romare Bearden talked about the importance of being able to dream as an artist. In short, if you can't dream, you won't do much as a creative. Inside New Yorks Art World Romare Bearden 1979 : D.D. Teoli Jr. A.C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Unfortunately for the broke bohemian, cine' film is one of the most money sucking arts you can get into. I love film, but have deep regrets for ever getting into cine' film. You have to be able to do justice to your work and not just say 'hey it is film' and the project turns out shitty because of not being able to afford to do it right. This is not to say, don't do a project unless it is 100% the best. But the tech should be 'good enough' to not distract from the subject matter.
  19. Thanks for all the info Tyler. If you are having that much trouble getting a stable image with the HDS with new film...what are you getting with warped / shrunken film?
  20. https://www.redsharknews.com/the-next-video-codec-will-be-based-on-ai AI... You like...or not? (Not the picture, AI in general.) <><><><> Selection from Justin Trudeau Boxing Archive. Part of the Google Image Archive.
  21. Wow, sounds terrible to deal with. As I said before, a scanner should come with instructional videos and lots of instructions to get them going. If someone like you has trouble getting it to work, it must be really bad. I'm not that concerned with color. Vast majority of my archival material is faded red, BW or just fair color. So, if color is not a concern to the operator, is the HDS still hard to run in general? Or do you have major issues with operation other than color? What is wrong with the original gate? Is that what was causing you sound synch issues? If you have a good computer and software, the internal stabilization should not be a big deal to have in the scanner. Or do you think stabilization would be better when done in-scanner as opposed to post? It would be nice to have all the bells and whistles you could, but it all reflects in the cost of the scanner. Is registration pretty good with the HDS out of the box? Is it finicky with clear edge film as opposed to black edge film like the Retroscan? I'd be fine with the 4K as-is, but sure 5K would be better just like 6K would be better than 5K. But for me, getting a decent scan with good dynamic range would be fine. I don't need the sharpest thing in the world. Recession? Well, I don't know where things are going. Most of my life has been a recession. But we keep on chugging away, the best we can, doing our work that keeps us going. (Work that keeps us going, nurturing us from within; as opposed to work that just pays the bills but can be soul crushing.) I've cut back in a lot of areas of my work due to $$. I hated to do it, but something has to give. Inflation has killed many areas of my work. Even little areas like not having to pay sales tax in the past for internet purchases, and now having to; and skyrocketing shipping rates are a big deal.
  22. I got a Retroscan. I use it for archival films. For my own film work I only use digital. I dropped film in early 2000's. But film is all I work with in the cine' film Archive. I couldn't say if you would like the Retroscan for your use or not. My older 2K model works best with black edge films as opposed to clear edge film. Their new model has a different register system using a laser. But, it does not work good with warped film, so that does not help me. (At least that was the result from trying a laser gate on my model.) The Retroscan scans may better if I could stabilize them. But my old computer does not work well with stabilizing. It is low power and blows out hot air like a blow dryer and takes forever. I use tabletop fan to shoot air into it when it does video work to cool it down. Plus, my software is puny. In other words, if you got a good computer and good software you may do much better than me with a Retroscan. Here are some sample scans from the Retroscan. (Some are nsfw) Internet Archive Search: retroscan teoli I don't scan that much with the Retroscan because I want 4K scans for the Archive, not 2K plus I want a better sensor for dynamic range than the Retroscan has. I just do a few scans once in a while under the auspices of something is better than nothing. I was hoping to get a cheap 4K scanner like a Lasergraphics Archivist or FF HDS+, but things didn't work out for me. I had a lady that wanted to sponsor me by buying a cheap $50K film scanner for the Archive. Both scanning companies had problems at the time, so I didn't take her up on the offer. (Lasergraphics never answers emails and HDS+ has sound synch issues.) With the recent stock market decline she had lost over a million $$ and is not feeling that rich any more to throw $50k around. So, the whole scanning thing got screwed up from bad luck on my part. If you are not well-funded, film scanning the sucky part of doing cine' filmmaking. If you like film, but are low budget, I'd advise working small projected film clips into a digital film so you can have a 'taste of film' in your project. You know, like people are watching a projected film you shot with film within your digital film. But it all depends on how big your project is and how much film to scan. If you film project is not too big, not too $$ maybe Perry or Robert or Tyler will work you out a payment plan for you. You can buy used Retroscans on eBay to use, then resell when you are done. You should not lose much $$ on it to test one out buying used. If you want a short sample clip of your film scanned with the Retroscan (400 feet or less) and it has black edges, I'd scan it for free for you. (But you share the material with my Archive for non-commercial use and it has to be interesting to the Archive.) Well, good luck with your project! eBay Photo - Fair Use
  23. Considering the problems you have had with the Film Fabriek HDS+, what would you say is the realistic price it should sell for? A price that you would be comfortable with, with all the issues it has? Would you recommend the Film Fabriek HDS+ to operators with lower tech skills or is it only for those with lots of experience? Anything happening on the scanner market as far as new units being introduced or other developments?
  24. You would figure, for $35k, the Cintel would be doable.
  25. Film Archives supposedly trash films if they get dupes that are better. You would think they would sell them or donate to collectors, but I've been told they don't. In the past, some films have been put together from surviving clips sourced from collections from around the world. The Cameraman was one such film pieced together from various sources. So even clips can be important. The Camerman 1928 Generally, film should be recycled though sales or donation. I only trash very bad warped films, with emulsion flaking off that can't be scanned and are somewhat common films that could be found again. Even then, I have one such film that can't be scanned, but I will take sample photos of the frames from throughout the reel to give a sampling of what it was about. This is because it is an old stag 16mm that I never have seen, so it may be the last extant copy of the film...dunno. So I do a little work on it. I tried everything with it, chemical treatments and all. But it is a goner. Art Galley's trashing art? They are money hungry, they won't trash art. If it is of any worth they would auction it off. Even art ephemera is worth $$. W.C. Westermann envelope to a friend...$2,500.00 It just depends. Special Collection libraires and art museums routinely have trashed my hand-printed artist's books I've sent them on spec as donations. It just depends on the curators. If you donate to institutions and don't want it trashed, put restrictions in the Deed of Gift.
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