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The new Super 8 Magazine #9: Marriage on Super 8

Jurgen Lossau

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It's time for a new issue of the bilingual Super 8 Mag. Get your copy or subscription here: www.mysuper8.net

And here are the topics of Super 8 #9:


Marriage on Super 8

Three filmmakers talk about their wedding films on 8mm: shooting locations Tuscany, Vienna and Greece. A Pakistani ceremony is also included!


E6 differently

It is getting more and more difficult to get suitable chemicals for the Ektachrome. Sebastian Bock has therefore tried out alternatives and reports on the results.


Astonishing Animations

Scratched, painted or dyed Super 8 film are the basis for animations made on the computer on Premiere. Philip Evans, an Irishman living in Sweden, is a big fan of this new way of creating visually stunning results.


Flying Microflex

A small Super 8 camera, an extreme wide-angle lens and a drone: the special film event can already be captured. Australian photographer Jason de Freitas reports on the flying shots - and what he plans to do differently next time.


Filming without batteries

The Russian Quartz is one of the very few Super 8 models that uses a spring mechanism. Wind it up once and film for 30 seconds. But the zoom lens is not very sharp. Matthias Bätzel made a virtue out of necessity and turned the Quartz into a movie camera with a fixed focal length. The result is astonishing.


Back to the silent film era

With his Super 8 film "Five Lovers Down," Alexander Tuschinsky takes the audience on a journey back to the silent film era. At a monkey's pace it goes through the world of tragic love stories. In black and white, of course.


Filmfest Bremen (Germany): Two Super-8 competitions

On Friday, the local Super 8 evening with uncut films straight from the camera – shot by Bremen residents. On Saturday, the international St8 of the Art competition. In the Bremen cinema City 46

was a busy place in September.


New leading trade fair PHOTOPIA

photokina was yesterday, PHOTOPIA is today. For the third time the new fair for photography and film took place in Hamburg (Germany). click & surr was also there and presented with 50 Eumig projectors in three overseas containers world travels of a filmmaker from Hanover - of course on Super 8.


For the first time

we dared to put a Super 8 screenshot on the cover in full format. In addition, we are now using a different type of paper for the inside of the magazine, which presents photos even more brilliantly.

super-8-mal-drei-verdreht+fahnen#9engl 2.jpg

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