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  1. Hi everybody, the SUPER 8 WEB PORTAL is online now - have a look: www.super8.tv With a lot of stories about Super 8, a news section, hundreds of Super 8 films and a list of all suppliers and festivals worldwide.
  2. Hi, I wanted to inform you that some friends of mine and me have opened a shop for analog cmaeras, films and accessories in Berlin. It's called click und surr (for the noise of photo cameras and movie cameras). There is also an Online Shop: www.clickundsurr.de This is our aim: Photography and filmmaking – on real film. Images woven like a tapestry of film grain. Photographs and film that you can develop yourself and edit by hand. Cameras – precise as clockwork. Beautiful to admire, with high quality workmanship. There is nothing better than precision mechanics; analogue masterpieces that still perform their duty today. We want to keep analogue photography and filmmaking alive. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to the sale of first-class cameras. We also want to offer high quality film stock as well as accessories at reasonable prices. To preserve the fun of the medium. Small format, medium format, Super 8, Single-8, Double 8, 16 mm – these are the formats that matter to us. We’ve scoured the world, hunting for your next treasure. Elegant cameras in first-class condition. We purchase such equipment and inspect it in our workshop. Worn parts are replaced, housings cleaned and faults corrected. If you purchase a mechanical still or movie camera, you can be assured that our expert service staff have thoroughly tested your chosen device. We give you our word. And a one year warranty. In addition to cameras intended for active photography or filmmaking, we offer selected collector’s pieces. Here, too, we strive to provide you with functional masterpieces. In individual cases, there may be functional limitations which are noted in the description. However, collector’s pieces are expressly offered without an operational guarantee.
  3. Hi Alan, it is German law that the company that is shipping ordered or repaired items is fully responsible for the undamaged transport to the private customer. But it might be a problem to get your right as you are far away... http://www.handelsblatt.com/finanzen/steuern-recht/recht/verbraucherrecht-die-rechte-der-kunden/8849718-2.html
  4. Hi Robert, that's nice! You can do this at any time on www.super8.tv - we have an option for subscribing there. Thanks Juergen
  5. The Super 8 Web Portal proudly presents its address: www.super8.tv and everybody who likes to subscribe is invited to do so. On the page is already a little gift for all of you:).
  6. Hi Will, thanks for backing and thanks for your question. There will be some public pages and a lot of pages/archives/film shows behind the paywall. Every advertiser will find his banners on all pages, on the public ones and the subcription pages too.
  7. Funded! A big thank you to all 178 backers who supported our project with a total of Euro 26,972 - there were also a lot of companies that took advertisement packages. A minimum of seven backers came directly from this forum - as the tracking says. We will start THE SUPER 8 WEB PORTAL end of August! Let's hope that Super 8 will have a bright future. And of course we will publish articles about the other small formats for filmmaking too ;).
  8. A last update: +++ONLY 48 HOURS TO GO+++ The Super 8 Web Portal has collected 25,002 Euro so far, 155 backers. Thanks a lot to all who helped to bring this project into reality. The English version has been funded, but everybody can still get a subscription for the website. For the German page we still need 4,998 Euro. Will we do it? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1112932678/the-super-8-web-portal/
  9. Hi Chris, this is a question for Kodak, I think ;). As far as I know we have to wait for it some more months. In Germany there is a saying: "Gut Ding braucht Weile"... ;) (good think takes time)
  10. Yes! Yes! Yes! If there were any doubts about the Kodak Super 8 camera or the Ektachrome film - I think that is blown away now. It took us 6 months to get this decision! Kodak supported the project and we try now to get another 9.000 Euro for the German version. Let's hope for the best. There are 8 days to go.
  11. Just a short update: 74% funded, 123 backers. Thanks a lot! Companies like ADOX, pro8mm, screenshot, Super8Reversal Lab, Kühn Film Video Transfer and others do like the idea of The Super 8 Web Portal and supported the project. Only 9 days to go... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1112932678/the-super-8-web-portal
  12. Hi Andries, the funding of the backers will keep things going for two years. We grant this on the kickstarter page. There is no need of some 1000 paying subscribers while operating. 500 paying subscribers from 2019 onwards would be fine. We already have some great supporters from the small format industry and some will follow. We achieved 69%, 119 backers so far. The last 10 days will show us if this project becomes reality.
  13. Yesterday was a very good day for our project, more than US $ 4,000 in one day! 105 backers, 56% funded so far. Sounds good!;)
  14. 50% funded now, 98 backers. There is some hope that we can make it:).
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