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  1. In the current issue of the Super 8 Magazine we presented 11 newly shot Super 8 films that will be shown in the livestream of the Filmfest Bremen next Saturday, 17.04.2021, at 20:00 (UTC +2). That means for London: Sat, April, 17th, 7 pm., New York: Sat, April, 17th, 2 pm. During the screening the films will be set to music live with prose or poetry. We are very happy that during this frustrating Corona time a Super 8 event is coming up and are already very excited about the Filmfest Bremen broadcast with four cameras from the theater there - unfortunately without an audience inside the the
  2. The new issue #3 is out. Here you can see some of the pages. The topics: Germany Filmfest Bremen - Upcoming Live Event with 11 brand new Super 8 films USA ECN-2 Kit for Home Processing Austria Never seen prototypes of the underwater model Eumig Nautica Chile Super 8 in Chile - Filming without everything International Super 8 tips for professional users Germany The history of Super 8 - stars and their cameras Germany Experimental films - Malte Bartels about scratching, coloring & double exposing International Top 10 Super 8 Songs - from Mariah Carey up to Dua Lip
  3. Some pages of the new issue #2, all topics here: www.mysuper.net
  4. The content: Austria Eumig’s surveillance Super 8 cameras: Why robbers brought good money to camera manufacturers Spain The Malaga Connection: Retrolab for processing and scanning Switzerland TellCin S8: Carl Alder mounted the world’s smallest Super 8 camera Spain „The Queen of the Lizards“: A movie shot on 45 Super 8 cartridges The Netherlands Edwin van Eck: Spare parts for projectors and cameras Germany (Cover story) The magic titler: Dagie Brundert and her Elmo 103T Japan (Cover story) Superimposer: Elmo presents its uniq
  5. The second issue of the SUPER 8 magazine will be published soon. More details on www.mysuper8.net
  6. The first issue has been published. See more details here: https://www.super8shop.de/produkt/schmalfilm/filme-schmalfilm/super-8-magazine-1-shipping-to-all-countries/
  7. The first issue will be published in mid August. Some topics: What's next with the new Kodak Super 8 camera? Film scanning via smartphone with your own projector! Behind the scenes at Andec Film in Berlin. Single images from small format films: art for the wall or for a photo book. Tips for beginners. Portraits of filmmakers from all over the world. 20 years Super8Reversal Lab in Holland. Double 8 and Double Super 8 - back in color. More information: www.mysuper8.net
  8. More information: www.mysuper8.net
  9. A new article on super8.tv: https://www.super8.tv/en/the-man-for-soft-forms/
  10. The crazy thing is that we will produce the magazine on Kodak offset printing plates. They come from the last factory that Kodak still operates in Germany, which is located in the Harz Mountains. So we support Kodak twice over!
  11. It's been a while since the magazines small format and the German schmalfilm existed. Now a new printed magazine is coming out - the only one that takes care of Super 8. It is published 4 times a year and is available with a subscription to the premium content of the Super 8 web portal www.super8.tv. The new magazine is mainly about filmmakers and their projects, tips for better filming, portraits of the companies dealing with Super 8, about cameras, films and scanning. The magazine comes from the same editorial team and graphic designer as schmalfilm and small format, but has a different look
  12. Here is an interview I made with the female filmmaker who was in charge for Katy Perry's new song DAISIES: https://www.super8.tv/en/the-woman-behind-daisies/
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