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  1. Somes pages from the new issue of the Super 8 Magazine. Shipping starts on Tuesday.
  2. Of course: https://www.mysuper8.net/shop/prototype---100-unknown-movie-cameras/
  3. Here is a nice article about the upcoming book: https://www.filmkorn.org/cameras-of-dreams-a-book-about-prototypes/?lang=en
  4. The new issue of Super 8 Magazine #5 will be released next week. Here are the topics: The new Kodak Super 8 camera: "Later this year". Is it coming or not? And if so, how much will it cost? News about a camera that everyone already thought was dead. In an extensive cover story, Jürgen Lossau explores what has happened to the camera in recent years and what the prospects are for seeing the hybrid model in action this year. Yves Béhar: The camera design of a film enthusiast His parents were cinephiles, and at 12 he was shooting and editing his own Super 8 films. The form designer Yves Béhar was allowed to shape the Super-8 camera for Kodak and describes his work. Hi-Tech made by Kodak - the changed technical specifications At its core, the Kodak Super 8 camera, as it was presented at the 2016 CES trade show, has remained true to itself. But there are changed details, for example on the housing, the battery and the software. Double 8 makes double fun: Filming with 8mm spring work cameras Florian Cramer introduces interesting 8mm cameras and tells why working with the Double 8 film format is so wonderfully analog. Oldschool craft, more decelerated than Super 8. Tour de Film: Ten years of bicycle races accompanied Andreas Scheffer shot an entertaining, very personal 15-minute documentary on Super 8. About nimble riders, big bellies and a small boy - a documentary with idiosyncratic image effects. In an interview, he talks about the ideas behind the film. Skaters on Super 8: Dan Schulz mixes digital with analog Skaters and their tricks - that's the passion of Berlin-based Dan Schulz. It can take a few hours of digital filming to capture a simple trick. That would be too expensive in Super 8. But it's the atmosphere and the beautiful images that Schulz captures with his Nizo. Prototypes - never built film cameras Whether 8mm, Super 8, Single 8, Double Super 8 or 16mm - in all film formats there are many camera designs that never came to fruition. We present some technically particularly special specimens here - as a foretaste of the upcoming book PROTOTYPE. Here you can find the annual subscription including the new issue: https://www.mysuper8.net/shop/4x-super-8-annual-subscription/ And here you can get a copy of the new issue: https://www.mysuper8.net/shop/super-8-mag-5-incl.-shipping-worldwide/
  5. Well, David, lets put this 35mm example in the next book, for now I have more than enough to do with 16mm, Super 8, Single-8 and 8mm;). Thanks for the pre-orders so far. Here are the brand names from the book: Agfa 3x 8mm, 8x Super 8 Arri Super 8 Bauer 5x Super 8 Beaulieu 2x Super 8 Bolex Super 8 Bolsey (8mm) Braun Nizo 2x 8mm, 10x Super 8 Canon Super 8 Chinon Super 8 Eumig 15x Super 8 Fujica (5x Single-8) Gakken (Single-8) GOMZ (Super 8, 16mm) Kodak 16mm, 2x Super 8 Leitz Leicina (12x 8mm) Logmar Super 8 Meopta (8mm) Nikon 8mm, Super 8 Rollei 8mm, 16mm, Super 8 Saraber Finetta Super 8 Silma Super 8 Suchanek (8mm) Victor (2x 16mm) Zeiss Ikon (16mm) and others
  6. My little publishing house is preparing a new book called PROTOTYPE. Inside there are around 100 movie cameras that were never built. Super 8, Single-8, 16mm, 8mm. Ingenious designs that were too expensive to mass produce. Or were conceived too early. Or too late. Models that could take photos and filming movies. Intelligent design, opulent functions. Inventions between 1935 and 1980. A last look at these analog treasures before they are forgotten. Interviews with constructors and designers. This book is free for pre-ordering now. Today, technical books are only available in small print runs. That's why we work with pre-orders for this title, in order to be able to estimate the exact print run. Distribution currently only online and not through bookstores. Here you will find more information: https://www.mysuper8.net/shop/prototype---100-unknown-movie-cameras/
  7. No, as we have to refill the cartridges after processing with new film stock we have to take care that they will all come to our selected lab. We do not produce new cartridges, just use cleaned old ones.
  8. click & surr in Berlin (Germany) proudly presents a new Single-8 color negative film for daylight: More information: https://www.super8shop.de/en/produkt/schmalfilm/filme-schmalfilm/lossaucolor-200d-mit-entwicklung-scan/
  9. CONTENTS USA Narrow gauge train on narrow gauge film - a 16mm/Super 8 documentary on the Durango & Silverton railway Germany New Single-8 films available: B&W reversal and Color negative International What to do when the film stucks? Four tricks to help the film in the Super 8 cartridge to run smoothly through the camera Japan All about Single-8: all models, all the history - technical data of all camera models made by Fujica, Elmo, Canon, Konica, Yashiica Germany Jaime - a music video, partly produced on Super 8 Great Britain Straight8: How to get in a world famous film festival with your Super 8 film? The Netherlands Test your cameras: Mirror cartridge for Super 8 models The Netherlands A cable for every projector - back under power. Edwin van Eck presents new plug ins for old machines. Japan Space of memory. A special 8mm projection room in Kyoto Japan Shigeo Mizukawa - The face of Single-8. About the designer of nearly all Fujica movie camera models More information: www.mysuper8.net
  10. In the current issue of the Super 8 Magazine we presented 11 newly shot Super 8 films that will be shown in the livestream of the Filmfest Bremen next Saturday, 17.04.2021, at 20:00 (UTC +2). That means for London: Sat, April, 17th, 7 pm., New York: Sat, April, 17th, 2 pm. During the screening the films will be set to music live with prose or poetry. We are very happy that during this frustrating Corona time a Super 8 event is coming up and are already very excited about the Filmfest Bremen broadcast with four cameras from the theater there - unfortunately without an audience inside the theater. A jury will choose the best film after the screening. The first prize will be sponsored by Filmfest Bremen and Kodak. We invite you to join us live on Saturday via https://www.super8.tv/de/filmfest-bremen-livestream-super-8-event/
  11. The new issue #3 is out. Here you can see some of the pages. The topics: Germany Filmfest Bremen - Upcoming Live Event with 11 brand new Super 8 films USA ECN-2 Kit for Home Processing Austria Never seen prototypes of the underwater model Eumig Nautica Chile Super 8 in Chile - Filming without everything International Super 8 tips for professional users Germany The history of Super 8 - stars and their cameras Germany Experimental films - Malte Bartels about scratching, coloring & double exposing International Top 10 Super 8 Songs - from Mariah Carey up to Dua Lipa International Cutting & Spicing - wet or with tapes? Germany The history of the Agfa movie cameras Turkey/France/Great Britain What is the Modern Mantra? Music and Super 8 International Super 8 is everywhere: sweets, beer or hotels More information about the mag: www.mysuper8.net
  12. Some pages of the new issue #2, all topics here: www.mysuper.net
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