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How to avoid HDMI port frying

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Hi everyone,

I've been hearing of more and more people having their HDMI ports fried, so just wanted to check I was following the right protocol when powering everything from a single battery source.

(I recently upgraded from an Atomos Shinobi to a SmallHD Indie so doesn't hurt to be extra cautious ?)

Currently I do this to power on:

Connect power cables -> Connect HDMI to monitor and camera -> Turn on

Currently I do this to power off/ swap batteries:

Turn off -> disconnect HDMI from monitor/camera -> disconnect power cables

Is this correct?

With SDI, I was aware that the protocol was mostly Last In First Out, meaning to connect power, turn on and THEN connect SDI cables. I've seen many videos recommending this and even from RED:



But it also seems Arri recommends to connect power, then sdi, THEN power ON. https://www.arri.com/resource/blob/194752/d3093e6af632150787ec95d176a39958/download-technical-information-data.pdf

Is it the same for HDMI? When to turn on/off the camera?

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