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Zeiss Superspeed Mk III 35mm for Super 35

Uli Meyer

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I bought this beautiful lens from a well known Munich camera technician last year and it is in excellent condition. Perfect mechanics and pristine glass. No faults whatsoever. On the housing there are a few minute cosmetic marks, a phone number is engraved on the barrell from the previous owner who clearly pampered the lens. It has a metric focus ring. I have used it to shoot a few tests but want to expand my Standard Speed lens set, hence me selling this beauty. The lens is in London UK. Company invoice will be provided.

£10k Sterling (ecl. VAT).








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2 hours ago, Zachariah Sky said:

Hi I have a set of perfect condition standard primes, wondering which lenses you are looking for? Perhaps you would be interested in a trade? I have a 28mm and a 135mm, which are less common.  Let me know!




sent you a DM.

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Gorgeous lens. I'm also rather impressed with how you manage to get such high res images into your post. Is that a perk of premium or are you a genius when it comes to image settings?

I'd love the lens but can't quite justify it as a Christmas present for my partner.. ? Best of luck with it!

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