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  1. The woman in my short was shot at 36fps. Shot on film, no issues.
  2. You can go for the custom foam fail safe option. It allows you to send the foam back and get a new one made should it not fit your design. That's what I did and got it just perfect.
  3. Hi Kris, No need to send the lenses to these guys. You can design your case and foam inserts yourself. https://mycasebuilder.com/ They made a great case and foam for me last year.
  4. Yes, a bracket for an extension eyepiece leveler makes sense. The friction lock would be in addition to the regular brakes. I'll contact Les and see if he knows. Thank you Stuart!
  5. Thanks Dom! A. The stop pins are retractable by pushing them down with your finger. When you slide on the BP-8 the pin pops up under it and gets caught. You have to fiddle with a screw driver to push it down again. B. Pan handle is a possibility. The radius is 12mm though and it would be a very thin stick. C. That is what I think too. Maybe I can find someone in London who can fix this. Thank you for your reply, as always.
  6. Just bought this Mini Worrall because It is never too late to learn something new and because it is a beautiful thing to have. The questions I have go with the photos below. A - How do I fit an Arri BP-8? The rails are the correct width but the safety pins make it impossible to slide the BP-8 onto them directly. The plate that came with it is of no obvious use. B - What goes into the 12mm cavity? There is a screw with a broken cover that would secure whatever goes in there. Any ideas? C - This screw is connected to a pad inside the head, next to the round tilt rails. Yet it doesn't lock anything or affect any of the functions. What is it? Hoping someone here knows. Thank you!
  7. Thanks Satsuki! It was the 45mm, the London Tube architecture provides the extra width. There's a company in Stuttgart, Germany called Silbersalz35 and they sell, develop and scan Vision 3. They scan on Arriscan at extremely high resolution. https://silbersalz35.com Great fun and highly recommended.
  8. So beautiful! Can't wait to see this in full.
  9. Was it the 70's when Zooms were used more frequently in movies? It is never good to generalize but to me zooms feel somehow dated. Which is why I would use them if I was to tell a story set in that era.
  10. Even with non-commercial films you should really clear the rights with the publisher and whoever owns the master rights. There will be fees involved but you can negotiate something affordable.
  11. Beautiful images, thank you for sharing. Seeing this is a wonderful example of how film can look so special. Really well done.
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