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  1. Most of you have probably seen this already, but I thought it was worth sharing for the ones who haven't. Who'd have thought it was so easy...(kidding).
  2. Uli Meyer

    35mm Home Movie

    Hah, excellent. Thank you for sharing!
  3. Uli Meyer

    35mm Home Movie

    Shooting a bit of slow motion for the next 35mm Home Movie installment. Will post results soon 🙂
  4. These are rhetorical questions. I'm sorry but I don't quite get what you are trying to say.
  5. Not when you shoot analog film which isn't dead yet. Just teasing...
  6. Found someone who machined a post made out of Acetal, super light and it fits perfectly. Thanks Robin, all sorted.
  7. I don't think that this has not been studied, I'm sure it has. It isn't a new problem. Maybe that's why all these initiatives are happening. I really don't think that wanting to be in this industry is related to the color of one's skin. The problem lies of course within society in general. People discriminate and we all know that most will not change just because someone tells them their behavior is unfair. That's why action is required and hopefully new generations will do better.
  8. It'll be interesting to see what happens when all the studios have their own streaming platforms. With enough subscribers, why spend all that money on promoting a movie for cinema release. If the demand for seeing a film on the big screen stays low, cinemas might become a niche thing. I hope not.
  9. Thanks Dom, I just took a drawing to a machine shop.
  10. My Tangerine 19mm lens support does not extend to the Zeiss LWZ.2. Does anyone know if an extension exists or which support fits the LWZ.2 with 19mm rods from a BP8?
  11. Judging by the blurred cacti in the background, I presume that the camera is moving in the same direction as the bike. The bike is crisp, except for a streaking helmet, shirt and light. Wouldn't everything be streaking if it was a long exposure? Looks like a post effect to me. The second image could be multiple exposures or a post effect. Would be easier to figure out if one could see it moving.
  12. Did you ever find any of these? I’m after as side bracket. Arri still sell them but they are hideously expensive new.
  13. Thanks Dom! I did google it before I commented but couldn’t find anything. You learn something new every day 🙂
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