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  1. There are very few 3 perf LTs left on the market, if any, and the prices will only go up in my opinion.
  2. Thank you for the link. I did a search before posting but obviously missed this one. Tomorrow I will be receiving a CP.3 and shoot some tests at the weekend. I'll share the results when they're in.
  3. Excellent! Thank you for the link! Looks terrific.
  4. Thanks Aapo, that's an interesting suggestion. I actually want to stay away from glass that might have too much distortion. This afternoon I looked at a CP.3 and I have to say that they are surprisingly light. Very tempting.
  5. That second link looks like they copied the design of a Ronford-Baker heavy duty tripod. The price is very low, especially since it includes the spreader. I have no experience with with Proaim's product but when something looks too good to be true...
  6. Thanks Robyn! I'll check with Sigma. The matte box looks and sounds super light indeed.
  7. Thanks Robyn! Is the Sigma zoom compatible with analogue cameras? I've got an Arri LMB-25 matte box. Is the Zip Box Pro lighter?
  8. Thanks Tyler, that is interesting to know. It is difficult to find 35mm footage shot with the modern lenses you mention online. Sorry to hear about the college kid know-it-all.
  9. Thanks Bruce. The project will stretch over a period of time and depend on the weather. I need the lens to be on standby and renting would be too limiting. Hey Dom, I just had an email from Zeiss (on a Sunday!) and they confirmed that the CP.3s were designed to work with analog cameras. I'll pick up one of those and will post the results when I've got them.
  10. Still too heavy. A 20 or 25mm mm single prime lens would work well. But thank you for your comment.
  11. With a budget of £3k I am looking for the lightest PL mount lens available to take my 235 on a walkabout through London. Ideally the lens would weigh at around 2.2 pounds (1kg) or less. Ultra Primes etc. are unfortunately not within my budget. Zeiss compact primes weigh that much but I am not sure how they perform with analogue film. Weight is the main issue here. I've used my MP once but it was all a bit front-heavy and very exhausting 😕 Any recommendations would be most welcome. Thank you!
  12. Cheers Phil, thank you for your comment!
  13. Thank you Jon and Ruben for your kind words!
  14. Thanks David! The footage was scanned at 4k by Kodak London. Not certain which scanner they used. Before the shoot, I made notes about the position of the sun throughout the day. All shots involving the artist on the bench for example were done from 3pm onwards because if there was to be sunshine, it was not going to hit that spot for the rest of the day. Controlling the lighting was easier by blocking and adding light . For the shots of the woman on the bench we used a Molebeam. The lighting was done by two very talented young DPs. Nathalie Pitters on the day we shot Emma on the bench and the slow motion bits and Kupa Warner on the other days.
  15. Thanks Dan! We shot roughly 6000 feet.
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