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  1. There's one here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284482371660?hash=item423c78804c:g:C4oAAOSwfAtgnWqg
  2. I've been ringing that number many times over the past few weeks but only get an answer machine and no call back. No answer to my emails either. Hope he is okay.
  3. Hi Doug, the footage before stabilisation is extremely jittery and jumpy. Maybe I'll post a "Before" version when I get a minute.
  4. That’s good to know, thanks Dom! The unsteadiness is more extreme vertically but also to a lesser amount horizontally. The lens is AR and I shot mostly at around f8 and those are very crisp images. The heavy sunlit shots are at f22 and they look a little hazy. There are a couple of shots with cars under a bridge and they are at f1.4 and f4 and are a little soft. It was a late afternoon and the weather temperamental. I wasn’t metering but guessing and surprised at some of the shots being darker as expected. I will try a 1960 reflex Bolex with RX lens this weekend. Should I compensate for the reflex finder when exposing?
  5. Went for a walk through Camden with a 1952 Bolex H16 and a Switar f1:1.4 25mm, loaded with 100ft Kodak Vision 3 250D. Random shots to test the camera. The footage was scanned at 4k and needed a lot of stabilizing in Resolve. I cropped the 4:3 image to 1:1.85. and it holds up quite well.The Switar is a great little lens although a little soft wide open. The fact that the camera isn’t very steady is a bit of a bummer and I wonder if a service can improve that? Or is it the luck of the draw with those old Bolex cameras? Still, not bad for a seventy year old thing you can wind up and carry around with you.
  6. When you send in exposed film to Kodak in London, they will ask you to fill out a form of what your requirements are. Tick 4 perf and the overscan option and get in touch with Digital Orchard and show them what you want the scan to look like.
  7. Are you renting the Arricam LT from the Kit Room? If that is the case you shouldn't have to pay for the steady test. If the camera is from somewhere else and you don't know its history, a steady test is a good idea.
  8. Thank you for sharing the footage. Part of the additional image on the left is not clearly visible. What is the reason for this?
  9. Hey Patrick, who did the conversion? Can you put up a link to the footage you mention in your listing? Thank you.
  10. Sorry for my ignorance but which Zeiss lenses are this expensive. You are talking US Dollars I presume?
  11. "You should not feel the camera or that the light was made. We don't want to proof anything. The story should be well told without the interruption of camera acrobatics." Wise words.
  12. Just came across these: https://cinemagear.com/lenses.html#super_16_lenses
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