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  1. Super 16 uses more of the negative, all the way to where the left sprocket holes are on the Standard format are. It is a wider gate. Wider than "Ultra 16" which is merely a top and bottom crop of the Standard 16 gate.. The 1.66 refers to the aspect ratio of the entire image.
  2. Looking to buy a used Kinoflo Tegra Teg-450 4bank DMX kit, including hard case, flozier and honeycomb. I'm based in London and would like to find one in the UK or Europe (until Dec31st).
  3. Pille Film in Germany have lots of SR spare parts for sale: http://www.used-filmequipment.com/products/list/id/130 Maybe worth inquiring if they know of a barney.
  4. Ah, okay, I didn't know that the HS version is that much louder. I had an SR3 Advanced once and it was very quiet. Good luck with finding a blimp/barney. Best,
  5. Did you get your SR3 serviced? There might be something wrong with it since it should not run louder than the SR2.
  6. Uli Meyer

    35mm Home Movie

    It actually is a trailer. A Hamax Outback. Highly recommended.
  7. Uli Meyer

    35mm Home Movie

    Here's my Arricam LT transport mode. My boy is in the other push chair 😉
  8. Lovely. I f I had the spare cash, I'd buy it off you and display it next to my 2C.
  9. Uli Meyer

    35mm Home Movie

    Not very empty during this lockdown, I’m afraid. The streets are busy as usual.
  10. If the sun moving across the room is illustrating the passing of time, you could consider time-lapse over the length of an actual day. Since sunlight is rarely continuous in most places, this could look more realistic. Just a thought.
  11. Uli Meyer


    Would love to see it. Any chance of a photo?
  12. Uli Meyer


    Great to hear from people who know the camera. The minima‘s size and weight is what appeals to me specifically but I would never consider buying one without knowing more about it. The thought of being able to taket a Super 16mm camera with a PL mount for a walk through the park on your own is tempting but the film spool issue is a deterrent.
  13. Uli Meyer


    There’s an a-Minima on eBay. The description isn’t clear but it looks like it is in a good condition. $14.2k is a lot of money though when you can’t test it. Does Kodak still sell the 200ft for those mags? Probably not. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284059227312
  14. Uli Meyer


    I'd save up for that.
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