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  1. Silbersalz in Germany have been doing this for a number of years now. They recently built a motion picture film scanner which scans your 35mm Vision 3 stills at 16k and the results are spectacular. https://silbersalz35.com/
  2. Yet, unless you store the scan on multiple hard drives and renew them regularly or pay for cloud storage, the scan will eventually be lost. The neg will still be there.
  3. Thanks Tyler, I got a couple of 091 rolls. Will see if I can get them replaced.
  4. Ask your kids what they like. Btw. My studio worked on Space Jam. We created 20 minutes of the animation 🙂
  5. Even just within the UK the costing will vary by quite a bit depending on which one of the big labs you go to.
  6. The prices for neg dev and scanning can vary greatly depending on where you are. It would be great if one could add the numbers oneself.
  7. Hey Joshua, this is a great idea but where do you get your pricing from? I pay a lot less than what your calculator tells me. Prices vary in different parts of the world.
  8. Hi Chance, On November 30th I need it for one shot. It is available after that. If still interested, please sent a PM. Thanks, Uli
  9. There is no Arricam 416. There is an Arriflex 416 or an Arricam LT. For the latter, Herman at Cameramarket has a few for sale.
  10. https://thepointsguy.co.uk/news/ams-ct-scanners/ Apparently Amsterdam is one of the only places in the EU. At least it was the first one in 2021.
  11. Never had a problem with airport security anywhere, they have always been helpful when I explained what the potential problems are. Btw, last month I forgot to take out two cans of 400 ft 250D 35mm film out of my carry-on bag and it went through a scanner in Germany. Once developed, I could detect no issues. It wasn't a CT scanner, though. There aren't that many airports that use them. Also, you may want to get in touch with Kodak and ask for their advice.
  12. Hand luggage is your best option. 250D should be safe to go through X-ray but you can always ask the security staff not to put it through the machine. If they tell you that it is safe to x-ray up to ASA 800, tell them that it is Cine film. That always works for me.
  13. Amazing, look at the young whipper snapper! Did you send him a link?
  14. If you have ever asked yourself the question why noone is making new film cameras, this might help towards answering the question.
  15. It's just the 3 perf gate, not the movement.
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