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  1. Price reduced to £8500 plus shipping. (VAT to be added for UK buyers only).
  2. I’m selling my Arriflex ST Super 16mm camera, the only example I have seen and know of. ARRI made 25 of these cameras for the Super 16mm format back in the 70s. They were offered to their clients but there wasn’t much interest. No others were made. Arriflex ST Super 16 Arriflex ST Super 16 camera serial number 25 1x 12 Volt 400ft magazine serial number 14337 1x TCS T/M-17 Crystal Motor 1x Arriflex ST constant speed 24fps motor 1x Arriflex ST constant speed 25fps motor 1 Tobin Vary speed motor 1x angled viewfinder 1x coiled power cable to XLR-4 pin 1x power cable with a instant start/stop switch 1x original Arriflex ST matte box 1x original matter box support arm 4x spare mag throat covers 2x 3x3 85 ND.9 filter 1x 3x3 85 ND.3 filter 1x 3x3 ND.6 filter 1x original Arriflex ST transport case 1x Tilta shoulder rig 1x leather carry strap £7500 (UK buyers please note that VAT will need to be added) Only the items in the above list are included. I am also selling seperately a full set of Zeiss Superspeeds Mk1, the lenses that I used with this camera. Contact me if you are interested. The camera is in excellent condition and works perfectly. I have shot ca. 1500 feet with it, you can see some footage here: Since I prefer shooting on 35mm I am not using this rare camera any longer. The price is based on the fact that there is only one of these ARRI-built S16 versions remaining (as far as I know). It is a fully functioning camera that is also a collector’s item. I can issue a company invoice. Buyer pays for shipping and fees.
  3. Thank you @Dom Jaegerand @Robin Phillips! Your insights are very much appreciated!
  4. Thanks Robin! You may be right in regards to the blue rendition. I'm planning a short film and would have a complete set of the focal lengths I need if I mix my UPs with my Standard Speeds. Just wondering if that would be noticeable.
  5. Apart from the obvious difference in size, built and mechanics, is there a big difference in character between a Zeiss Standard Speed and an Ultra Prime. I’ve recently shot footage with both and couldn’t really spot any. What do you think?
  6. I was looking for away to use a modern lightweight matte box on my 2perf 2C PL mount. With the help of @David Sekaninaq this 15mm rod system for upside down mounting was designed and printed. It currently only works with the 200 ft mags. You also need a matte box that allows you to turn the rod mount upside down.
  7. Great, thank you! Good to know it's possible, yay!
  8. Frame 24 in London: https://www.frame24.co.uk/online-store/16mm-Film-100ft-c27233489
  9. Understandable. Good luck with it!
  10. I've got an Arriflex 435 Advanced 3perf complete kit for sale. It is in London, originally purchased from ARRI UK.
  11. if you click on the pictures, you can see the camera.
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