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  1. Prices are definitely going up. I sold a complete Arriflex 416 package with all the accessories you can think of and eight magazines for £11k only three years ago. Today I've seen 416 packages with two mags and fewer accessories with a £60k plus asking price. 🤪
  2. Shooting on 16mm will give you a somewhat dated look, no matter what lens you use. Happy to be proven wrong but if you are after a “modern” sharp look, digital seems a better choice.
  3. Recently I bought a single Zeiss Distagon T1.3 12mm MkI lens Arri B-mount from Cameramarket in the Netherlands. Herman might have single PL mounts available.
  4. You'll be much happier with the result if you use high quality lenses. Dom's suggestions are what I would go for. It really makes a huge difference. Since you are spending money on film stock, I wouldn't skimp on the glass.
  5. For those who've had thie waveform issue (I haven't), there is apparently an easy fix 😉
  6. As I've said, I've not come across that problem. I must be very Resolve wave form-lucky 😉
  7. Never had a problem with that. But then I am using the paid for version that cost a couple of hundred quid.
  8. Editing in Resolve is very easy to get the hang off and sounds like a good fit for what you describe. Best to edit a h.264 proxy of your material and then autoconfigure your full res files, ready for grading. Plenty of tutorials online too.
  9. A few screen grabs from the latest footage. I love this little camera.
  10. I stuck tape on a white wall looking through the viewfinder and filmed a few frames. It covers the entire image. Just got some more footage back which I will share soon.
  11. January 4th, 7.25am. No price increase at Frame24, UK. 😃
  12. Phil, to be fair, it is Daniel's headline that is implying a conspiracy in regards to this court case (Someday you may be forced to do film work that you don't want to do). Clever fear-mongering since there is no such thing. He has given himself a way out in the first post and has since not contributed, which I find interesting. It did the trick. 134 responses (this one included). Signing off and see you on another thread about Cinematography.
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