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  1. The camera mount looks identical to the one on my 2C. It's a BNCR conversion.
  2. In the end I did buy a 25mm Zeiss CP.3. I left my house to walk around Camden Town, just to see how easy it would be . Just me, the Arriflex 235 and the CP.3 with an LMB-25 and a camera bag. Great little lens. I look forward to the summer.
  3. WANTED TO BUY. I am looking for an Arri LC-D1 cable as part of a configuration to do iris ramps with the Arriflex 235. Arri doesn't have them in stock anymore and I have not been able to find any used ones yet. Hoping that someone here might have one for sale?
  4. http://www.ronfordbaker.co.uk/ Here you should be able to find everything you need to know.
  5. You asked me if I had an Arricam LT and I answered. Herman Verschuur is selling an Arricam LT https://www.cameramarket.eu/equipment.php?type=dicam_35mm
  6. In the Long run it is cheaper to own than to rent and you are a less dependent. The LT is extremely quiet. Can barely hear a thing.
  7. I was lucky to buy my LT 3perf package two years ago for £7k in great condition. Added two 1k mags and a couple of steadicam mags for a further £2k. 9 months ago I did sell one of the most complete and pristine Arriflex 416 Plus packages for £11.5k. Today that would probably fetch more than double that. But hey, hindsight is 20/20 vision. Got a 3perf 235 and 435Xtreme instead. I'll hang on to my cameras to shoot a feature film, however long it will take to pull that off. Let's just hope the film trend keeps going for a little while longer... And here's a little bit of camera porn.
  8. There are very few 3 perf LTs left on the market, if any, and the prices will only go up in my opinion.
  9. Thank you for the link. I did a search before posting but obviously missed this one. Tomorrow I will be receiving a CP.3 and shoot some tests at the weekend. I'll share the results when they're in.
  10. Excellent! Thank you for the link! Looks terrific.
  11. Thanks Aapo, that's an interesting suggestion. I actually want to stay away from glass that might have too much distortion. This afternoon I looked at a CP.3 and I have to say that they are surprisingly light. Very tempting.
  12. That second link looks like they copied the design of a Ronford-Baker heavy duty tripod. The price is very low, especially since it includes the spreader. I have no experience with with Proaim's product but when something looks too good to be true...
  13. Thanks Robyn! I'll check with Sigma. The matte box looks and sounds super light indeed.
  14. Thanks Robyn! Is the Sigma zoom compatible with analogue cameras? I've got an Arri LMB-25 matte box. Is the Zip Box Pro lighter?
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