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  1. If it doesn't make any difference, I totally agree. Absolutely no point in shooting film if you can't get anything out of the medium that is different. I want to stress that I don't think film is generally "better" than digital. But I love the look and feel of film when it is used for its unique properties. In which case it is worth the inconvenience and expense, at least from an artistic point of view.
  2. A beautifully shot image on 16mm compared to a beautifully shot digital image will look different. I don't think every lay person would necessarily go for the latter, although the latter is what most people are used to looking at. I would suggest to the OP that if your budget limits you to 16mm and you want to shoot film, embrace it for what it is and use it that way. As Phil said. If one could make Super 16mm look like 35mm, there would be no need to shoot on 35mm. The question maybe is "How To Make The Most Out Of 16mm"?
  3. Exceeding in what way? If you are going for a specific film look, why pick a digital camera? Which digital camera produces a film look without having to tweak the images in post? Honest question.
  4. Get in touch with Martin first before sending footage in. martin.mcglone@kodak.com
  5. Fascinating! Great looking footage. I sent the link to a glassblower friend of mine. Thank you for sharing!
  6. Thanks Mark, much appreciated! We used Vision 3 200T stock, straight forward processing at Kodak London. The footage was shot 3perf and then cropped top and bottom, which helps let the analog shine through. When color grading each shot, I had a specific red/green palette in mind and let the rest fall into place. This resulted in a slightly off-realism look.
  7. Happy to report that we won Best Cinematography at the Vaughan Int'l Film Festival. https://www.vaughanfilmfestival.com/copy-of-18-winners
  8. The camera mount looks identical to the one on my 2C. It's a BNCR conversion.
  9. In the end I did buy a 25mm Zeiss CP.3. I left my house to walk around Camden Town, just to see how easy it would be . Just me, the Arriflex 235 and the CP.3 with an LMB-25 and a camera bag. Great little lens. I look forward to the summer.
  10. WANTED TO BUY. I am looking for an Arri LC-D1 cable as part of a configuration to do iris ramps with the Arriflex 235. Arri doesn't have them in stock anymore and I have not been able to find any used ones yet. Hoping that someone here might have one for sale?
  11. http://www.ronfordbaker.co.uk/ Here you should be able to find everything you need to know.
  12. You asked me if I had an Arricam LT and I answered. Herman Verschuur is selling an Arricam LT https://www.cameramarket.eu/equipment.php?type=dicam_35mm
  13. In the Long run it is cheaper to own than to rent and you are a less dependent. The LT is extremely quiet. Can barely hear a thing.
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