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Krasnogorsk-3 K-3 Video Assist

Richard Bragg

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When a phone is sufficient, then you might want to search for holders designed to attach a smartphone to e.g. a telescope or a microscope:


But be aware that most telescopes have a larger eyepiece than a small format movie camera. So check the dimensions before ordering. ?


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January 2021: One of my older iPhones (4S? 7?) attached to a Meopta DS8-camera with one of the cheapest smartphone-telescope-holders I managed to find back then. (Less than 10€ including shipping. - The images were taken 10min after the parcel arrived. Hence, the iPhone isn’t exactly oriented horizontally or vertically on these photos. And the Meopta wasn’t on a tripod… .)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit any of my other cameras as it requires to be attached to a relatively large viewfinder. And the Meopta refused to work a few weeks later. ? From time to time, I am looking for another holder. But the ones that should match a Beaulieu/Nizo/Elmo/Fujica are nearly 100€. ? Hence I decided to rather spend my money on films. ?




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