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Cheap V-lock batteries on Ali Express...

Gregg MacPherson

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Cheap V-lock batteries on Ali Express...

Has anyone else wondered about switching to V-lock and using a voltage regulator?
There are some really cheap batteries, chargers on Ali Express that might make the experiment reasonably inexpensive. 95Wh, USD43. Anyone tried them? Are they junk..(question 1)?

(Edit: the V-lock batteries above, the shipping stated didn't match the shipping total in checkout, which was more. Almost USD100 to ship 2 batteries and a charger to NZ) 

I had seen a V-lock mount with 12v regulated output on Amazon which looked promising..
Or I thought one could just add a 12V regulator....

Then I realized it would be better to have a higher voltage regulator, if these were easily available. Andrjez at AZ Spectrum gave 15.6V as the max actual V I think. So I thought a 14V or 13.8V might be the way, the voltage of a fully charged NiCad/NiMhi.

Any suggestions on a cheap 13.8V/14V regulator..(question 2)..? Are most regulators for modern automotive use also rectifiers? So not suitable? Yes, big gaps in my education. I half remember some Kirchhoff theorems, but I can't read a resistor code.

The idea of V-loc batteries brings up the ideas about how batteries are ideally mounted to enhance the mass distribution, hence balance on your shoulder.  A multifunction base plate for rods, handles etc could also have a clamp/mount for a rod etc that went to the rear  to support a battery. The ACL II has a lot of redundant aluminium in the base that a clamp or battery support could screw to.


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