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  1. Well done Nicholas. Dennis is very bright. I''ll have to dust off my intellect. He mentioned a book to me that he wrote that had photos of all the optical printers built by artist experimenting with film that he had encountered. I don't think the book is in those notes.
  2. Sorry, when I said R16 I meant the Beaulieu R16...
  3. If you are exploring art with single frame, variable shutter, or DIY optical printer, then the Bolex is the camera. The R16, if you take the battery handgrip off is very small and light. Would be a great camera to clamp on an aircraft or racecar. But maybe Dom and Jean-Louis are right, it's more fragile. There was an amazing film made by (or about) Salvador Dali. A small geodetic dome full of cavorting, pretty young people...Dali was there and threw the running camera into the air. Looked very cool. I always thought that you could wrap bubble wrap around an R16 and do that. If the cameras were cheap enough, you could have several waiting. A while ago on the forum I bumped into Dennis Couzin. He had previously made a book on "Optical printing for artists"....He "collected a gallery of pictures of homemade optical printers". Does anyone have that..?
  4. I found that the R16 got more emulsion buildup in the gate with the stock I was using, and the gate was hard to clean properly. You can't see in there and get in there as easily. I didn't use these two cameras for the same kinds of things. Having both was better.
  5. Would this one work? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sachtler-DA-100-ENG-2D-Aluminum-2-Stage-Tripod-Legs-100mm-Bowl-Supports-77lbs/143460887225?hash=item2166ef6ab9:g:~esAAOSwLVhcyJke What's the model number of the manfroto legs you refer to?
  6. Many on the forum may know if they are the same. But the best first step is to ask that supplier. That at least alerts them to what is needed. Making small runs of fine toothed belts has been going for a while, so even if there were no original parts available, there are people practiced at making them. Most important thing is to just share whatever info and contacts you have.
  7. Top Boy was quite intense and unrelenting. Not as much so (NAMS...? nah) as Gomorrah, the italian show about street gangs rising, selling hard stuff in the housing estates. But, if the depiction of the gangsters in Jamaica is even half true, that's depicting quite a genuinely scary disconnection from the sense of human life, what it means to take one. And the english gangsters are just watered down versions of the Jamaican ones. ...
  8. There will also be some tolerance standards for the surface finish, like roughness or tiny waves from the polishing.
  9. I was mostly trying to keep people anchored to simple fact and the record of what happened. When those things are embarrassing you disapprove...
  10. Hey Igor, I watched some Watchmen...I really like some of the science fiction ideas, but I don't like the comic book foundation to it all. I do like The Bureau, a French show that digs beneath the skin of what are the alternate identities of spies. In a very pragmatic French way. But French language is such a treat for the ear and the mind. So all sorts of interesting things are hidden in the cracks. I watched it here, just outside the legitimate fringes... https://cmovies.tv/film/the-bureau-season-1/watching.html?ep=1
  11. I often wondered where the thread was where all this white cotton glove nonsense started...I think this is it, but there were one or two other nodes on the forum that triggered the same thing... ....https://cinematography.com/index.php?/topic/68407-shooting-on-film-keeping-track-of-how-much-film-is-shot/&tab=comments#comment-435459 Scroll down about 5 or 6 pages... For the record, the emphatic advice was that we should be loading mags and threading cameras with our white cotton gloves on. Don't remember it being about sweat. All I see are inept attempts to manipulate opinion on the forum and to rewrite a less embarassing version of history.. The other thing, perhaps connected with this historic nonsense, is the idea that one does not need to check the gate between mag changes with clip on magazines. And, that one can check the gate by pulling the mag. There is no way that someone aligned with these two ideas should be teaching others. It's quite a despicable thing. The students should run in the opposite direction.
  12. Prefix this with my admission of not being a machinist. I got a sample of one of those mounts. I showed it to a machinist friend and he thought that the finish and de-burring was good. Looks like made on a multi function CNC so at least all are identical. My concern is with a couple of the dimensions. Refer attached pdf drawing. Sorry it's not sharp, my cheap old phone was better. - Diameter A on the Slomo PL mount is oversize at about 54mm. It's supposed to be 25-75microns under. I only have one PL camera port to try it in here. The factory Zeiss mount I have fits sweet, but the Slomo mount is unusably tight. But I think this is an easy fix,. Some skilled manual work on a lathe could do it. - The undercut in the corner above diameter A is almost nonexistent. Which is fine unless you are mounting to a port that has no chamfer on the external corner. But this could be fixed easily if machining diameter A. - Diameter B is undersized at 61.85mm. The Zeiss one is 61.95 - 62mm. So the Slomo one wiggles around a bit within the constraints of that little lip on the Zeiss lenses. This may not matter with good screws in place. Also, if needed maybe some improvised shims on the side could be used to keep the mount concentric. So, faults may be easily fixable and must be related to the price..... Gregg. PS. The dimension C looked a bit under 5.5, but hard to measure with the tools I had. Maybe 50microns under? The Zeiss on looked the same.
  13. Hey Greg. I am very interested in your Cooke s16 zoom lens. Is it still available? Message me here or email me through my website Andrewwonder.com.


    Thank you

  14. One solution is to start a new forum that is invite only. Errant personalities that manage to wriggle under the radar can be voted off the forum. Another solution is to have some mechanism that allows members of cinematography.com to vote off, get rid of, problematic members. @ Phil...Are you ok with this forum being pock marked with little cess pits of erroneous opinion pretending to be fact, founded on the perverse personality one particular member..? Y/N would suffice. The thing I keep coming back to..... is when we were emphatically advised that we should be loading our magazines and threading our cameras wearing white cotton gloves. That's the way he (Tyler) did it after his 20+ years in the industry. Unforgivably stupid, but no admission, apology or walking back on that one.... So if Tyler wins and nonsense rules, what's useful having been destroyed, if you hear a weak voice from the rubble calling .."white...cotton...gloves"...that's probably me... So if you hear that phrase, "white cotton gloves', you know what it means.
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