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  1. R16 has an oscillating mirror. I think oscillating mirror vs rotating mirror won't change the method of checking the ground glass focus.
  2. I've had three different PL mounts that screwed direct to the TS mount on the ACL Les Bosher's one is beautifully designed and made. It's the best one but fairly expensive. Another one I had I was fairly sure it flipped the lens axis back and forth between standard and super 16, but when it went to Les Bosher for service after I sold it he denied that and didn't like it. I didn't believe it. The third one was lighter and cheaper...I do have photos. I would avoid the C mount option if you can, just because it's more fragile
  3. @Uli...I had to sign up to see what it was. I thought it (Linkedin) would be less aggressive than facebook, but I was surprised at the volume of unwanted information from them. It was difficult to shut it off... So... cautious about having their privacy invaded
  4. Linkdin is almost as bad as faecesbook (I trademarked that and they're gonna pay a few mill for it). Aggressively trying to connect you to their platform. That's the reason why people appear inactive, they are cautious. Let us know what comes up. Cheers.
  5. Heikki, can you find Gerard, or the parts? I don't know what was happening to him...going out of business...something...he seemed a bit anxious when I last had email with him. The parts may have been bought at a cheap price by people that are not effectively onselling them. One guy in Europe who was always seemingly in the know was Boriss Belay. He's been on this forum. I may still have an old email address.
  6. He said (not me said) that he bought the entire parts stock when Eclair went out of bussiness. This could be the motherload. And it may languish on the shelf somewhere if it's not distributed.
  7. Really good effort Heikki. Parallel to this effort, do we need a separate thread to help keep track of where all the ACL parts are. A few years ago I sold a lens to Gerard, art-media.com who had a huge inventory of Eclair parts. He told me he was selling up, and then he disappeared. He had not yet told me who he sold to, but I remember, it was one or two guys in Europe I think.
  8. That camera looks very cool. But I have to wonder about a reported noise level of 10-20dB..Is there any film camera on planet earth claiming 10dB...?
  9. Must be only those sustaining member member chaps that have edit privileges now. wanted to add...If you do it yourself... What I'm suggesting is just a box with a vac outlet, with drilled holes in the MDF top. Maybe try 5mm holes at 10 or 20mm centers. Lay a piece of low density cardboard on top, 1/16 to 1/8" thick. Not hard, dense card, not corrugated obviously. Use the minimum vac that will hold down your work. Just check that you aren't straining the vac unit. Use the most porous material you can that will still keep the print surface flat
  10. Hi Daniel, my ears point up, I've been obsessing over vacuum systems for dust in the composites and woodwork shops for ages. But it may not help much... One thought. Bump heads with folk who have been developing systems for themselves recently. My guess is it is a high vacuum low volume (HPLV) application, so something like a shop vac may be in the right direction. Some of the CNC router guys used to have their work sucked onto an MDF wood surface...they sucked straight through it. I'm wondering, if the work area is small, the vacuum power is moderate, and the "easel" has an appropr
  11. I hope that Tim is following this.. I do not think that any of us should have the chance to make gross rewrites or deletes. The short time window that most of us have should be enough. Sustaining members are not special people, in fact some are complete a--holes. Tim, please change this... On the other hand, maybe deleting the posts of certain individuals is a legitimate thing to do. Heck, just delete them. But someone else should do that....Why am I talking in the plural...the singular case would do...
  12. There are guys on the forum chasing rod sets for SRs now and again, so I thought to give an alert for this item. Looks well used, but may go very cheap. Short rods only, rod extensions not included, but if one is short of money and handy the extensions could be improvised. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arri-SR-Camera-Mini-Rods/224381168080?hash=item343e28e9d0:g:iHEAAOSwtsRgSTCp
  13. A couple of questions... - Which motor is this, the small 24/25 fps one, or the factory multispeed motor, or a converted multispeed motor? - Was 12V the measured V? Measured before test or during test? - What do you mean that the battery doesn't work. Some thoughts.... Conventional wisdom was to never run the motors with the orange out-of-sync light on. The small motors could easily get overloaded and burn out. An ACL I loaded with film should draw less than 1A at 24fps. The small motor should only be run with 200' mags or English 400" mags. Like Heikki said, th
  14. Can't you just slightly loosen the cap screws clamping the two halves of the casting together, rotate the sleeve to align the hole with a piece of rod, then debur if needed with a precision file..? Did I miss something. Good luck.
  15. I was puzzled that the plastic guides ("rubber stoppers") had not been replaced with the service. Anything rubbing against something in that worn state would make noise. A fresh guide would be less noisy. Are they hard to find or hard to replace? I love the work of Aaton designer Beauvalia, but if those film guides are rubber I am perplexed. If you have to make some, just use something like acetal, easy to machine, hard wearing and will lubricate itself. Not to take anything away from the concerns about the spindle perhaps sending the roll off axis, or whatever else is the cause...
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