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  1. I was puzzled that the plastic guides ("rubber stoppers") had not been replaced with the service. Anything rubbing against something in that worn state would make noise. A fresh guide would be less noisy. Are they hard to find or hard to replace? I love the work of Aaton designer Beauvalia, but if those film guides are rubber I am perplexed. If you have to make some, just use something like acetal, easy to machine, hard wearing and will lubricate itself. Not to take anything away from the concerns about the spindle perhaps sending the roll off axis, or whatever else is the cause...
  2. Could ask Paul Scaglione at Visual Products...Or JeanLouis Seguin on this forum. They may have the Jaeger connector. They are tricky to do, so maybe they can just make up a cable end for you. Good to have a spare cable also. When I bought a Jaeger 4 pin connector for the cable years ago it was from an electronics connector supply house here.. If not going through a camera tech, It will help if you have the specification for the connector. Good luck..
  3. Following from Daniel, it's a good practice to advance a few frames after a good take, if there's a chance the camera is going to be worked on at all. If you pull a mag get the plastic cover on the pressure plate right away. Another important thing to learn is the gate check practices and protocols. Best to get read in by a pro AC, maybe the Black and Blue chap has all that on his pages. I can say this. Be super clean with your loading practices, keeping the bag/tent, your arms and mags really clean, then there will be less hairs/dust to start with. Learn the gate check and the protocols
  4. Hopefully it will just unscrew. At first I thought, looking at the photo, it was maybe an adapter screwed into the C mount, but then why the little lever. The diameter looks big enough to hide the TS lock ring. There are one or two (perhaps literally) ACLs around that have had an Aaton hard mount installed. I almost bought one. It was remounted by a famous Aaton tech who also worked on Eclair. I couldn't find a photo unfortunately, but I think it looked different to the picture above. Gregg.
  5. Can you have it swapped back to the original TS mount. There are good long term advantages once you have the adapters that go on that. Jean Louis may know if this is easily do- able.
  6. Opinions about the max voltage may vary. Andrew at AZSpectrum gave me a 15.6V maximum in advice about the ACL II with latest motor. Don't know if earlier versions are different in this respect. We need to be clear when talking to these guys whether they are referring to the nominal voltage or the actual measured voltage. A ten NiCad cell pack is nominally 12V but almost 14V fully charged. These issues have been covered before on the forum. Some useful info may be there.
  7. Really excellent work. Thanks for sharing video.
  8. Just about to ease the lockdown here in NZ. I've been having a massive tidy up at my place. Some of it long overdue. Some of the film looked good for scratch tests etc but some had a fine dust or mold on the outside of the rolls. There was a clean 400' can of 35mm Ilford PAN F in that pile. We'll see....
  9. The front of the 10-100 T3.1 zoom rotates with focus, so if you want a clip on MB it probably has to be round. If you can't find one you may have to adapt something yourself. Lots of news and doc cameras had round rubber sunshades on the zoom. A step up adapter formed a housing for series 9 filters, which I think will cover that lens. Rubber hood screwed onto that. I think you will find the basic filters, CTO, NDs, in 3x3 or S9, but what's available cheap second had will be limited compared to 4x4. So the option might be to try putting together a light 4x4 system with rails. There are so
  10. There were rubber clip on (clamp on) lens hoods for those zooms. There was a square one that took two 3x3 filters. Have seen them occasionally on eBay. f you are patient there are some inexpensive light weight matte boxes you could adapt.
  11. With the early non orienting ACL view finder the image would rotate clockwise as you rotated the finder anticlockwise. I would just re-orient my body/ head so that the image felt level. Worked well. Maybe you can do the same.
  12. I don't know these cameras well. Almost bought one a long time ago, but my registration test didn't look good so I passed. The take up belt i assume is referring to the magazine take up belt. All the CP16R, CP16As that I remember had an external belt driving the mag take up. You may find a manual online. A manual for the CP16R, R/A was easy to find. Experts will know if there are common parts, design features.
  13. I would go crazy if I didn't have a laugh now and again. I read that many Australians are so frustrated right now that they want NZ to annex AUS...read about it here...scroll down for the map...North Island, South Island, Big Island, or as some prefer, West Island https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12320969
  14. The benign we utopia of Nouvelle Zealandia is going into what they called level 4 lockdown in 48 hours, all except essential services closed, everyone except essential services isolated at home with social distance discipline. But the govt is keeping the payrolls going somehow, and self employed people are eligible for support. Cooperation from banks, some quite good measures from the govt to help. We are doing this earlier than most countries might. We only have about 100 cases, with population about 4M, and only a couple that aren't recent arrivals on aeroplanes. But numbers are poised
  15. A workaround to avoid the embedded youtube image in a quote...right click on the image, copy URL in menu, delete image, paste in URL, choose the "display as link instead" option at bottom. Or just delete the sucker...
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