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Nalcom FTL Super 8 Camera - Battery Compartment Missing

Steven Wyatt

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Hello all,

I took a chance on a Nalcom Super 8 camera from ebay a few weeks back. Costmetically the unit looks to be in a really good condition, the only thing is its missing the removal battery compartment that allows the camera to be powered. The seller didn't really define this as a the problem, it was only until further inspection did I find it out. To be honest I picked it up for cheap and am wanting to see if any one else had a similar problem and found a workaround to getting the camera operational.

Any help would be amazing.

Many Thanks


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That‘s bad luck.

There are at least three different Nalcolm FTL models: Nalcolm FTL 800, Nalcolm FTL 1000 Synchro Zoom and Nalcolm FTL 1000 Mk. II. Which one are you talking about? E.g. -according to the manual- the Nalcolm FTL 1000 Synchro Zoom doesn’t need batteries as it also has got a connector for an external power supply. And it looks like the 4xAA are simply laying side by side in the original battery holder. So simply take the camera to a shop that is selling electronic spare parts or something that needs battery holders (e.g. RC cars/boats/planes). There are several different models (see attached photos). When you are lucky, then one of them fits your camera. You might also want to contact companies like DuAll, Retro8, … as they sometimes have spare holders. And on eBay, you might also find spare parts or defect cameras (with still working holders).

Good luck!



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