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FOR SALE: 16mm film stock

Derick Crucius

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Ive got some cans of expired 16mm film for sale to whoever is interested. The film has been cold stored since the day I purchased it. I am selling the following:

(2x) 400ft of Kodak Vision 2 200t 16mm - $125 each
(1x) Eastman EXR 50d 16mm - $100
(1x) EXR 100T 16mm - $100

I am only shipping within the US and am only accepting PayPal. All cans are factory sealed, buyer pays shipping via USPS Priority.

If interested, send me a direct message and we can go from there. I am open to offers on the whole lot as well.


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UPDATE. I have the following cans of film for sale. Buyer pays shipping via usps priority. I am only accepting PayPal at the moment and only shipping in the US.

here is the following film I have for sale:

(1x) 400ft Eastman 100T 16mm - $100 + shipping

(1x) 400ft Kodak 250D 16mm - $100 + shipping

(1x) 400ft Fuji Eterna 250T 16mm - $125 + shipping

(1x) 400ft Eastman Plus-X Type 7231 16mm (in box) - $75 + shipping

(1x) 400ft Vision 2 200T 16mm - $125 + shipping

(1x) 400ft Eastman Double-X 7222 - $125 + shipping

(1x) 400ft Orwo N75 16mm film - $125 + shipping

(1x) 400ft Eastman Plus-X Negative 7231 16mm - $125 + shipping

(1x) 400ft Vision 2 50d 16mm (can is dented) - $75 + shipping

All film has been cold stored and is factory sealed. If interested please DM me.









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