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  1. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew the filter thread diameter for the Som Berthiot 17-85 Pan Cinor Compact lens. I need a lens cap and wanted to get one of those snap on caps on amazon. The lens im talking about is for Bolex and is the small zoom lens. Thanks a ton in advance! Best, Derick
  2. Hey everyone, I need to let go of one of my lenses. It is a Kern Vario Switar 12.5-100mm bolex BAYONET mount lens, not c mount. I am asking $400 USD + shipping/insurance. If interested, please let me know. Len is in fantastic cosmetic, optical, and working condition. If you want to see photos let me know, if interested DM me I am only shipping within the US and only accepting PayPal.
  3. ahh I see, I should have checked out the year on the original post.
  4. Not sure many will be. Not to mention, the EL is rarely serviced if something were to break, especially since Bolex Switzerland has shut down. Parts for this model are scarce.
  5. Beautiful kit at a really great price. Wish I had the extra dough. Good luck!
  6. Wow. No mags or MM motor or any additional kit and you're trying to sell at that price? Sorry man, this is way overpriced for what it is, I don't think anyone would even pay that much for an Aaton, let alone a Bolex.
  7. Price has been reduced to $1,300 + shipping/insurance. If interested, DM me for photos and video of the camera running at all speeds.
  8. Hey Gary, I am selling a Beaulieu R16 Automatic with a Angenieux 12.5-75mm lens. If interested, message me.
  9. This camera is no longer for sale. thanks, derick
  10. I am selling a Beaulieu R16 Automatic with a Angenieux 12.5 - 75mm lens. The camera and lens are both in very good working and cosmetic condition. Everything is very clean and serviced. the camera comes with an external battery pack and charger. I do not know if the power grip works with the original beaulieu battery as I’ve never tried, and the external battery pack runs the camera for a long time before needing recharge. I will mention that the lens does not have a lens cap. I am including an Apache hard case for the camera. I am hoping to get $1,400 USD + shipping/insurance. I am only shipping within the US and will only accept PayPal. If interested, please DM me. -Derick
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