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  1. Thanks Doug, So you'd say it isn't a light leak somewhere in the camera then? That all makes a lot of sense, because I also break down all of my film from 400ft loads in the dark with previously used spools. I also noticed its a bit more prominent on the EXR 200t I shot.
  2. Hey everyone, I wanted to diagnose a problem just to be sure all is good. I’ve always noticed a film burn line going along the soundtrack area of my 16mm film. My assumption is that it’s simply just the film getting flashed because I’m loading my daylight spoils into my bolex in daylight haha, but I just wanted to be sure that it doesn’t seem like anything else is going on here. It doesn’t seem to bleed into my image at all, so it’s not a huge deal. This film burn line seems to run throughout the entire roll. I just wanted to get some professional opinions. I have included stills from my scans as examples. thank you in advance!
  3. Vision 2 200T has been sold. i still have the following up for grabs: -450 ft of Kodak Ektachrome 2253 16mm- $120+ shipping -450 ft of 2476 Linagraph Shellburst Film 16mm - $40 + shipping
  4. I am selling some film from my stockpile. All has been cold stored and is sealed by the manufacturer. Cans are clean without rust or debris. I am selling: -450 ft of Kodak Ektachrom 2253 16mm- $120+ shipping -450 ft of 2476 Linagraph Shellburst Film 16mm - $40 + shipping -400ft of vision 2 200T 16mm - $85 + shipping please message me if interested for more details. I am shipping in the US and will only accept PayPal.
  5. I am also tossing in a can of -400ft vision 2 200t : $85 + shipping all cans have been kept cold stored, sealed, and are in excellent condition. No rust or anything like that.
  6. Hey everyone, Cleaning out some more stock that I don’t think I’ll use. I’m selling the following: -450 feet Kodak 2253 16mm Ektachrome: $120 + shipping -450 feet Kodak 2476 16mm shellburst film: $40 + shipping DM Me if interested, I’m only shipping on US and will only accept PayPal. Hopeful to sell this as a lot. best, derick
  7. I’ve got some film stock for sale. What’s available is: 400ft of Kodak 7363 Hi Con 400ft of Kodak vision 2 200t At this time, I am only shipping within the US and will only accept PayPal. If interested, send me a message. I’m trying to sell it in one shot at the same time.
  8. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the responses so far. would something like this work?: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/41880-REG/Photoflex_AC_CROO1_Film_Changing_Room_25.html?&ap=y&smp=y or would it be too small? I’m on a very limited budget and would prefer not to spend more than I have to.
  9. Price reduced to $75 + shipping, message if interested.
  10. Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone had a recommendation for a changing tent or a method for a dark bag to use for loading the LOMO UPB-1a developing tank? I do not have a darkroom, and to black out windows every time I want to process would be a bit annoying. I’ve used my dark bag in the past and have always had loading mistakes due to it being so crammed in the bag (tank, spiral, and film box gets pretty crowded) any tips or recommendations are very much appreciated, thanks! -Derick
  11. Items are still for sale, and a price reduction. bundle is now $85 + shipping. -Derick
  12. Hey Arthur, sure thing, I could send them to your email. For some reason I cannot attach photos to this post. I believe I still have your email address
  13. For sale is: -Bolex RX Fader -Surefire hand grip -Trigger cable i am selling these items as a bundle for shipping reasons. Asking price is $100 usd + shipping message me if interested
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