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Repair Manual for Elmo c-200 / C-300

Nick Rowland

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Anyone have any tech manuals for the Elmo C-200 / C-300 ?

Any language.. 

I have the printed from OTC (in English - but it is hard to see much detail in the photos)

and it refers to a separate Parts List and a couple of Measuring documents..

neither part of the one I have.

Put feelers out to usual sources but no replies so far.

Any ex CZ Scientific Instruments and/or

the old Jenoptik (UK) Ltd technicians out there !!??


all best and Happy New Year to all on forum.



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hi nick,

I to would like to see a repair manual but I have never been able to track one down.

I have several c200 and c300 cameras in my collection.

I have overhauled a couple of them and got them working.

the main problem I have found is degradation of the main board,  the traces deteriorate  and fail.




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