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  1. In Europe I would suggest this man is the go to https://www.super8.tv/en/super8service/bjoern-andersson-filmkonsult-svebaco-kb/ Bjorn has done my Beaulieus in the past.. Factory trained and just knows his stuff.. great guy too... Article on Cinematography forum previously best nick
  2. Two avenues to try. Craig cameras wrote me a while back and said all the CD's that I have, both for repair manuals and instruction manuals will be donated to the Toronto Photohistorical Society, put up on their website as the John S. Craig Collection and will be free to the public to download. It may be they dont have one for the Z800.. you may have to register or join to gain access to their manual collections (I havent looked) and try https://www.ebay.com/str/goodygifts e-mail as they just may have it ? Good luck
  3. Not so sure about wonderful. Pain to maintain I would say. Fiddling and fettling.. Ages ago I spoke with Ken V. who used to work at the UK Pathe distributors tech dept. If knocked the cameras could go out of 'alignment'. New, complete, fronts were sent in from France and fitted to camera. It was too time consuming to try and adjust/repair. Simon Weiss can probably explain far better than I. I have a few (DS8's mainly) as curiosities.. all best nick
  4. Not sure how up to date this is.. I recall people having serious problems with Blue Cine Tech in UK some while ago, 12 months or so ? I think BCT were primarily Super 8, but I may be wrong. Cinelab London however we do use and always had excellent service/results all best Nick
  5. This might be it https://www.ebay.com/itm/251290052248
  6. Hello I am new to forum, but have very often read through topics and posts etc relating to cameras I have or am interested in. Have come into possesion of a couple of Bolex K2 regular 8mm cameras. Although I am familiar with the main run mechanics (no small thanks to Dom J and Cinetinker) I do not have a user guide..nor can I find a service manual anywhere. Does anyone have a) a Bolex K2 user guide to sell or a copy (print or digital) or free even... and b) K2 service manual copy to sell (print or digital) or free even... all best nick
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