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For Sale - New - Arricam ST 3 and 4 Perf & Arri SR3 Advanced HS packages available

Ian Forbes

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Arricam ST Package no.1



K2.54190.0  Studio Universal Viewfinder (excl. Eyepiece)

K1.54001.3 ARRICAM ST 3 Perf

K2.54004.0 ARRICAM Studio Viewfinder Zoom Extension 1

K2.54011.0 Power Bridge Plate ARRICAM 

K2.54017.0 ST Mask frameglow cpl. 

K2.54033.0 ST 100 % Video top 

K2.54041.0 Video assist ST PAL 

K2.54047.0 Back load adapter ARRICAM ST 

K2.54068.0 ST Magazine case 120m/400ft 

K2.54097.0 LT Shoulder magazine LT SH x2

K2.54127.0 ST Magazine adapter 

K2.54139.0 Dual Port Adapter 

K2.54163.0 Lens Data Display - Focus Puller LDD-FP 

K2.54166.0 MB Bracket for LDD-FP 1 

K2.54167.0 MB Bracket for LDD-FP 2 

K2.54168.0 MB Bracket for LDD-FP 3 

K2.54171.0 Time shift box 

K2.54178.0 ST Universal Viewfinder Support Bracket 

K2.54194.0 Lens Data Box ST2 


SERVICED USED PARTS for Arricam ST Package 1-

K2.54049.0 Lite Viewfinder (compatible with Indie Assist LT)

K2.54046.0 Lite Eyepiece

K2.54050.0 Lite Extension


Arricam ST Package no.2



K1.54001.0 ARRICAM ST 4 Perf
K2.54190.0 Studio Universal Viewfinder (excl. Eyepiece) 

K4.52734.0 Lite Universal Eyepiece 
K2.54097.0 LT Shoulder magazine LT SH x2
K2.54127.0 ST Magazine adapter 



Arri SR3 Advanced HS Package 



K1.47002.0 Arriflex 16 SR3 HS Adv.

K2.45164.0 Magazine 120m HS (no TC)

K2.51101.0 Optik S16 IVS

K2.42572.0 BP-6 Bridge Plate

‘Kamera Doctor’ HD Video Tap Mark 3 

SERVICED USED PARTS for Arri SR3 Advanced HS Package-

K1.47002.0 Arriflex 16 SR3 HS Adv. x2  (configured with HS pressure plate, no HS marking) 



Arri Ultra 16 Lens Set  (IMPERIAL SCALES can be ordered from Zeiss)


6mm No 8933549 

8mm No 8933509 

9.5mm No 8932397 

12mm No 8933848 

14mm No 8933382

Lens Case


Zeiss Superspeed Mark II 16mm Lens Set - Serviced at Optical Support in London






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