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Arricam LT

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Arricam LT Camera Package List 

4x 1000' Arricam Mag 

3x 400' LT Steadi Mag  

3x 400' LT Shoulder Mag 

1x Arricam speed box 

3x speed splitter ext cable 

2x heater cable 

2 Power cables
1x Speed shutter box mcb and cable
1xHandle Set 2 handles 19mm Sacthler adapter 

1x Arricam Lt Body

1x Arri lens control interface box 
1x Low Mode Steadi 

1xLT-ST Mag adaptor 

1x LT Viewfinder 

1xExt Eyepiece 

1x short eyepiece 

1xspeed box cable
1xlens data monitor and cable 

1x 2" colour assist monitor
1x 100% video top
1x timecode module and cables with hp controller 

3 perf movement
4 perf movement
HDTV s35 Ground glass and glow
1:85 s35 Ground glass and glow
185: reg Ground glass and glow
bp9 15mm sliding base plate 12"
eyepiece heater



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