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Collecting old photo albums and yearbooks are interesting areas for the archivist to work in.

Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

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I got a few old photo albums in the Archive. You find some interesting things in them. But you need space to store albums and some $. While they are not overly expensive, interesting ones can go for a few hundred dollars each. Here is a photo from one of the European photo albums.

Yearbooks are another interesting area of collection. Since there are so many yearbooks, I tried to concentrate most of my yearbook collection scope to women's colleges. This idea came about as an offshoot of my collections on flappers and bobbysoxers. Many of the yearbooks have collage pages and I made a separate collection just of the yearbook collages.



Smith College 1949



Bryn Mawr 1939



Bryn Mawr 1960 - sometimes the girls would do some pre-Photoshop trick photography.


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