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Need help identifying a Super 8 package

Kevin Olmsted

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Hello all! I used to be a lot more active on the Super 8 forums, and am still active with the format, just not as much on here. I have a large collection of Super 8 cameras - mostly Bauers - that I've just started to re-catalog and photograph. The eventual goal is to post them on my website. I'm looking for help on a particular package I have.

I purchased this from a private estate sale about 15 years ago. I assisted a former co-worker with organizing his late father's massive (mostly still) camera collection, cataloging and documenting the collection that took up 5 packed rooms in his house. In return for the help, he gave me good deals on some of the movie cameras from the collection.

This Nizo 116 was part of that lot. It came in this suitcase (mechanical hinges, living hinge snap closures) and came exactly how it is presented in this photo. No manual or documentation was included - only the camera, lens hood, shoulder support and wired remote trigger. The placard in the lid is affixed to a foam pad and looks professionally assembled.

Does anyone know what this is? It doesn't seem quite like a retail product package, it feels more like a sales or marketing item. Even a Google reverse image search turned up nothing.

If this sub-forum isn't the right place for this kind of post, apologies and please let me know where to post.

I appreciate any information someone might have.


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Hi Kevin, that was just one of the ways the early NIZO low cost models were sold.  Thus the printed sheet explaining "Ten tips for shooting your first film". The case is about the cheapest you could get....nothing at all like the NIZO quality aluminum cases BRAUN made available for their camera lines.   It's sort of a throw away type case....or with care could be used....but it really just displays the camera as it was sold. This sold closed of course and came in a cardboard printed sleeve with nice graphics on it, the way other NIZO cameras came in either hard styrofoam or foam shells in fancy cardboard sleeves.  Nice looking though.

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Thanks so much for the information! I normally store the camera and accessories in a dedicated case I purchased, and I store the case separately. The case is unique to me only because I couldn't find any other exemplars online. This is sadly the only Nizo I own. I find Nizo Super 8 cameras to be beautiful and feature thoughtful, ergonomic design, something modern cameras are severely lacking. Even if this was packaging for low cost models, it still beats modern camera packaging. My Canon R5C came in a... brown cardboard box. I also collect camera-related manuals and marketing materials, so the printed elements of this package are especially appealing to me. Thanks again!

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