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Repair of Eye-Level Focus Finder for Non-REX

Don H Marks

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I have been working on one of my Non-Reflex H8 cameras. 

This one came to me with a broken eye-level finder. Apparently the camera was dropped at some time and it hit the eyepiece. This broke it off and a lens element fell out. 

A few years ago I cludged togetether a temporary fix by attaching a free lens element to the out side of the finder. Still it was a blurry image and difficult to use. 

I had seen the eye-level finder was offered as an accessory, so I searched for a few years to find a new one or at least a new eyepiece.



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With everything clean, it was then a matter of figuring out which parts were different between the two finders and assembling one good H8 finder from the best components. One of the main differences was an extra bracket and spring in the H8 finder. 

The focusing block between the two was different also. Though this is not shown in this version of the service manual. 



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