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FOR SALE: ARRI Alexa SXT Plus Camera Kit, LOW HOURS: ONLY 1,544

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ARRI Alexa SXT Plus Camera Kit For Sale LOW HOURS: ONLY 1,544
Asking US $11,500
Pricing this awesome camera for a quick sale - funds needed for another project.
IMHO, the Alexa SXT is the best value to get into the Alexa class of image quality. It can do Open Gate (great for anamorphic) and ARRIRAW. It does the internal upconversion to ProRes UHD just like the Mini and Amira, but can offer some higher frame rates than those two (or the previous generation Alexa XT), and can do longer record times than any of those cameras with the 2TB Codex Drives. It's a great option for a B-cam (or A-cam) to a Mini or Amira, and this kit includes the adapters to use the same Cfast2.0 media, the XR 512GB Codex media, or the SXR 1TB/2TB Codex media. The slightly newer SXT-W only adds size/weight to include non-removable wireless video transmission hardware to the back of the camera that most shoots won't use. 
This camera was previously part of Arri Rental NY's fleet and has very low hours - only 1,544. I paid AbelCine (authorized Arri service provider) to perform an evaluation in February of this year, and unsurprisingly it had been well maintained and AbelCine said "No service recommended." It hasn't been used since. An image of that evaluation is included with the pictures of the camera kit.
- Arri ALEXA SXT Plus Camera Body *Only 1544 Operating Hours*
- Arri PL Mount
- Arri PL Lens Cavity Cover
- Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1
- ARRI KC-150-S Short (1.2 ft) Cable for EVF-1
- ARRI KC-151-S Medium (2.1 ft) Cable for EVF-1
- Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-3
- ARRI MVB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket for ALEXA Camera
- Centre Camera Handle CCH-1
- Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-2
- ARRI SP-4 Shoulder Pad
- ARRI Alexa BAB-G Gold Mount Battery Adapter Back
- ARRI 24V Camera Power Cable (x2)
- Core SWX Cube 24 Industrial Power Supply (200W, 24V) with AC power cable
- ARRI Alexa Camera Antenna x2
- ARRI LMS-3 Low Mode Support
- ARRI BP-12 Bridge Plate
- Elements 12" Arri Dovetail
- ARRI Codex XR Adapter/Yellow for Codex XR 512GB Media (media not included)
- ARRI Codex SXR Adapter/White for Codex SXR 1TB/2TB Media (media not included)
- ARRI Codex Cfast 2.0 Adapter for SXR Module (media included, see below)
- Lexar 256GB Cfast 2.0 Card (3600x 540MB/s) x2
- Angelbird CFast 2.0 Card Reader - USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 (USB-C) with 20" and 40" cable.
- Fitted Shipping Case
Located in NYC. A local buyer who can come check it out and pick up would be preferred, but I will ship if buyer covers shipping cost and full insurance (preference for US-based buyers). Please keep in mind, it's a heavy case, almost 65 1/2 lbs. The only damage worth noting - the case has a very small crack in the top lid (pictured). Payment by Zelle or wire transfer with buyer covering any fees.
More & Higher Resolution Pictures:
Some technical info about the SXT:
Please let me know if you have any questions.

alexa-sxt-plus-for-sale_53680502246_o small.jpg

alexa-sxt-plus-for-sale_53680502341_o small.jpg

alexa-sxt-plus-for-sale_53680729033_o small.jpg

alexa-sxt-plus-for-sale_53680728858_o small.jpg

alexa-sxt-plus-for-sale_53680961255_o small.jpg

Alexa SXT Plus Sensor small.jpg

alexa-sxt-plus-for-sale_53679642022_o small.jpg

alexa-sxt-plus-for-sale_53680866684_o small.png

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