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For Sale - Arri SRII Super 16, HD Video Tap, Gold Mount Plate, (3x) Mags, + AKS

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I just had this serviced for a run/stop issue at AZ Spectrum - he also replaced the drive belt - and had it CLA'd at TCS where they adjusted the ground glass, tightened the clutches on the magazines, and fixed up the lens - so it's in great working shape. 

I just don't use it enough to justify keeping it.

I'm in NYC so any local buyers are welcome to come check it out. 

Comes with the following:

  • Custom Pelican 1635 AIR Case
  • Super 16mm SR2 Body with HD-SDI Video Tap
  • (3x) 400' Mags with collapsible cores
  • Angenieux 15-150 T3.1 Lens
  • Custom Top plate with nato handle
  • Gold Mount Plate
  • Cinematography Electronics Speed Controller II
  • 15mm Rail Block
  • Magnifying Viewfinder
  • Dumb side cheeseplate
  • 15mm Rail Block
  • Pistol Grip
  • Shoulder Pad
  • 15mm dovetail baseplate


I'd love to get $14,000 for this - it's a great, complete kit that's finally got all the kinks worked out mechanically. Open to offers so if you're interested shoot me a message and we can chat. 



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