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Optex Super Cine 4mm on Bolex H16 SBM Super 16?

Erik Auli

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Aloha 🙂 

Has anyone on here ever used the Optex Super Cine 4mm on a Bolex H16 SBM Super 16?

The only footage I've seen of the lens online seems to be shot on an Aaton or an Arriflex, but I imagine in terms of field of view and coverage the lens would look the same on a Bolex even if it requires a PL to Bolex Bayonet Adapter?

I would appreciate any insight or reassurance.  My technical expertise is more on the post side of things but I'm starting to play with film again and if i'm incorrect I don't want to find out the hard way after having the gear shipped to me.

Thanks so much!


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I don't have the 4mm but I do have the Optex 5.5 and I've used it on my Bolex .

There's no reason to think the 4mm would be any different.

It'll cover super 16,but since It's not a RX lens so you could get aberrations from the prism if you open wider than T 3.5ish. 

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Aloha Phillip.

Thanks for your reply.  I'm assuming that means you used the Optex 5.5 on non-bolex 16mm cameras and everything was the same in terms of coverage/field of view? That's what I assumed.

Good to know in terms of the aperture as well. Thanks so much for sharing that.


Have a nice day.

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