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  1. Hello, I'm guessing your Bolex is a standard 16mm. A 2x squeeze will give you a 2.66 aspect ratio. Wider than standard, but gives you a little wiggle room with framing if you want to crop to 2.35 later. Most PL mount anamorphics aren't going to be very wide on such a small format. It's rare to find one wider than 35mm, which won't be too wide a field of view in 16mm. Were you planning to rent? You may be better off using Switars and a Scope projector lens in front with a single focus solution such as the Rectilux. You might be able to go as wide as 25mm that way.
  2. Hello, It's amazing what you can do in 60 seconds, huh? The only critiques I could offer is that it might be more natural for the camera/phone to fall at a more awkward angle at :21, and there's not much motivating your lead male to pick up the camera at :35. Perhaps it could get kicked into the next position during the struggle. And I can't think of why a guy would drop his gun to punch a guy on the ground. Still, nice job!
  3. I was expecting worse with the title of the post. Had you shot with this cam/lens before? Who did the transfer? How did you rate the film? Did you use any filter, like an 85?
  4. How about the Russian Zenit Quarz wind-up camera? They're relatively simple and not intimidating, durable, and cheap. You can still find new old stock ones http://zenitquarzcameras.blogspot.com/
  5. If I could throw one more option into the mix if the Aaton is too pricey. The Eclair ACL is quite versatile. It can do 100' and 400' , and there's a 200' magazine that makes it compact for a sync sound cam. It has a c mount and adapters for Arri Standard/bayo , camflex, etc. Many ACL II's are Super 16, and it's also a good candidate for Ultra 16 conversions. A cheaper option to the Aaton LTR , but similar in approach and with a c mount prime and 200' mag it's pretty darn small.
  6. Hamad, Momento has a lot of sequences in a small motel room. Old Boy Vacancy Room 1408 (more of a suite)
  7. Giray, Can you explain what "printed in the low 40's " means?
  8. Having trouble with your password. Can you double check?
  9. Not sure, but I think that may have been the 135 still photography version. According to a list I found, 7231 Negative seems to have always been 80D/64T , but Plus X reversal has had a 50/40 (my favorite) and later a 100/80 version before they pulled the plug.
  10. Robert, Negative or reversal? What was it originally rated?
  11. A quick foll of reversal projected might help. I had a similar mild flicker with a 16mm that was solved with a CLA. Your motor might be fighting friction. Checking by eye would be pretty hard. Would there be a way of using a table top scanner to bring a few frames into a photo program?
  12. I'm aware that the prevailing belief is to overexpose older color negative(one stop per decade I've heard), but I'm wondering if the same holds true for Black and White as well. And on a side note, without any filtering, B&W is rated slightly differently between tungsten and daylight. Is this because it's more sensitive to the blue color temperature of daylight?
  13. Hello, Mathew If I understand your question you're asking why the sun appears larger when it's closer to the horizon. It's purely an optical illusion. At arm's length the sun is about the size of a pea between the thumb and finger at anytime throughout the day. The same is true for the moon. The only reason these objects seem larger is because topography such as a mountain range or buildings give a visual context, or something to compare them to.
  14. James, I'm pretty sure the camera to which you're referring hasn't made it to market as of yet. I'd say the odds may actually be against it at this point. (unless anyone has heard anything) Kodak was trying to set up some infrastructure to be able to have places around the country/globe scan footage but found it wasn't very easy to get that part of it going at a certain price point. Plus there's still decent running cameras out there for a lot less than the 2 grand or so that camera would cost. In the mean time I'm miffed that the price of a roll of S8 is annoyingly expensive. (I've ranted about this in other parts of the forum) Double 8 is an interesting option, as Simon suggested. It's hard to beat those Bolex H8 cameras.
  15. something like this? https://www.studiodepot.com/flexiblemirror.html
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