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Accepting All Reasonable Offers.

Qty.- 3 Arri 235 3 & 4 Perf Camera Pkgs (includes both 3&4 Perf Movements)
Qty.- 8 Arri 535B 3 & 4 Perf Camera Pkgs (includes both 3&4 Perf Movements)
Qty.- 4 Arri 435ES 4Perf
Qty.- 1 MOVIECAM Compact MK2  3 Perf
Qty - 2 Aaton XTR S16 Camera Package
Qty. - 1 Bell & Howell EYEMO 35 Includes: 4/50 FPS,Daylight Spools
Qty .-1 Arri 2C w/Crystal Base
Qty.- 3 Arri BL4S Camera Package
Qty.- 1 Arri III Parts Only
Qty.- 1 Arri III Camera Package Includes:Video Tap NTSC CEI Color
Qty.- 2 Arri Mattebox MB14
Qty.- 9 Arri Mattebox MB18
Qty.- Arri Mattebox 15mm SMB2
Qty.- 1 ArriHead 1 Includes: Both Wheels,Locking Nut,VF Holder
Qty.- 3 Ronford Baker F7 MK4 Includes: All Accessories
Qty. -1 Ronford Baker MKVII  Includes: All Accessories
Qty .-1 Cooke 18-100mm T3 Includes: 15mm Rods,Motor Bracket,Zoom Stick
Qty. -1 Angenieux 18-102mm T2.9
Qty.- 1 Codex Recorder CDX-3600 Included: Cables & Power Cables
Qty.- 3 Arri FF4 Follow Focus 15mm BA3, Complete Kit
Qty.- 1 Chroziel Follow Focus Lightweight 
Qty.- 1 Rain Deflector (For Panavision Side Holder,Hand Held Mode,No Cables


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