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Cinema Adapter Grab Bag - $200 OBO, SR3 Book - Free

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Great deal for the right person. Not splitting up... unless you make a good offer. 

Very high quality steel PL mount adapter

Arri Bayonet mount (to replace PL mount)

Nikon to Aaton mount adapter. (For some reason it doesn't fit my LTR-X but neither do other genuine similar looking adapters so it should probably work on your Aaton mount camera.)

3X RAFcamera Arri standard or bayonet to EF mount adapter (watch the rear protrusion of the lenses with a (d)SLR! only use it on mirrorless or with mirror up!) with 3D printed lens caps

1X Adriano Lolli Arri standard or bayonet to EF mount adapter (flange distance adjustable) with custom 3D printed lens cap, same story

1 49-77mm 80mm O.D. Duclos step up ring for Mk1 standard speed lenses (except the 85mm I believe has 47mm threads?)

RAFcamera OCT-18 to PL mount. Doesn't work with lenses without focusing helical, so probably only good for the zooms or just to try lenses out?

Ears from a 75mm Cine-Xenon

RAF step up rings:

M47x0.5M -> M72x0.75F

M49.0x0.5M -> M72x0.75F

M47x0.5M -> M49x0.75F

M47x0.75M -> M52x0.75F

3X M49.5x0.5M -> M55x0.75F

2X M49.5x0.75M -> M55x0.75F

Roll of Black Tulle

10X Simecine 51mm Rubber Focus Rings (for 51mm to 53mm diameter lenses) plus 4X extra with some rubber cut off to fit the prong on a Nikkor lens

55-56mm Birns and Sawyer (?) metal focus ring

4X Simecine 56mm Rubber Focus Ring (for 56-59mm diameter lenses) 

Metal PL mount body cap

Little small rig base plate and 100mm carbon fiber rods 

5X Zeiss Mk1 standard speed focus rings (metal) from RAFcamera

Bolex 4mm Aspheron

Red One Digital Cinema PL rear cap

Some metal 80mm front, 58mm inner diameter (not sure what it fits or how)

Canon broadcast angle converters: 0.8X and 1.5X

I used an adapter to put the 1.5X on an 85mm f1.2 lens to try to make a 128mm f1.3 lens? It worked but I didn't want to break the lens....

All of this for $200 shipped ground within continental US. Can ship elsewhere for more.

Also available:

The Arri SR3 Book. Free, but you pay shipping.


IMG_0893 Large.jpeg

IMG_0890 Large.jpeg

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Wide angle and telephoto converters. 

Model numbers are:

W80-90B 10003 0.8X Wide Converter (holds focus, doesn't need to be in macro mode)

with 90mm clamp

And 1.5X-II T15-II BG0-5506 No. 910088 

with BG2-2034 85mm clamp adapter


IMG_0895 Large.jpeg

IMG_0897 Large.jpeg

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