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  1. Yes, with mixed results. If I remember correct I tried 49.5X0.5mm by accident and forced it in, then stripped the treads and switched to 49.5X0.75mm and it worked better but also wasn't quite perfect. It didn't screw in all the way. However (I just needed a hood I could use with a matte box) it worked for me.
  2. Crazy question maybe, but could I pay a lab to develop in caffenol? I want the home made look without all the effort. (Or actually I'm just afraid I'd screw it up.) Also – as well as the added grain, there's a feeling of more macro-contrast, almost like applying unsharp mask in photoshop? Or is that an illusion?
  3. Can you develop 7222 in caffenol? Based on your description 7222 sounds like the better stock for me to use regardless. Thanks.
  4. Thanks, Robert. I want a lot of texture/grain, to feel that the image is composed of grain without losing tonality and having it feel thin. 7266 I worry might have that look? I want something similar to Death to the Tin Man, Bait, Following, etc.
  5. Newbie question, but how do these stocks compare in terms of look?
  6. Those sure look like Mk2 to me. Check to make the mechanics are good, I hear they can wear down with such heavy use (because they have been such popular lenses!). Fwiw I own a set of Mk1 standard speeds and they look NOTHING like that.
  7. Mk1 are tiny and Arri standard mount with 49mm or 47mm fronts. Mk2 look like "normal" cinema lenses: https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fimages.squarespace-cdn.com%2Fcontent%2Fv1%2F59cc443df43b551e79fcd3bb%2F1507153265250-87DUZTSSN8E140BUTIA3%2Farri_zeiss_standard_speed_six_lens_set_2.png%3Fformat%3D2500w&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.heindlcinema.com%2Frental%2Fzeiss-standard-speeds&tbnid=yeVbcOiGZ8Qc1M&vet=12ahUKEwj49dDPz7X4AhXaO80KHXe2BZgQMygCegUIARChAw..i&docid=8y2ecgEpsLPdxM&w=600&h=600&q=standard speeds zeiss&client=safari&ved=2ahUKEwj49dDPz7X4AhXaO80KHXe2BZgQMygCegUIARChAw
  8. Thanks. Should I look into the Laowa probe? I wonder if you can combine that with a teleconverter. One nice thing about the hybrid cameras like the S1 is you have so much resolution you can really crop in. Not sure if the probe covers FF but if it does that gives you the equivalent of 16mm I believe in S35.
  9. Thanks so much! I might already own both texts and have them somewhere. And if I don't – I probably should.
  10. I'm curious about dabbling in miniature photography for personal work. I somehow have the impression you need to adjust your frame rate and either focal length or t stop to account for the scale models but really don't know the details.... Can someone provide me with a link to an industry standard text on this? Thanks everyone. Separately, would it be better to shoot on a cinema camera like an ARRI ALEXA for this kind of work or a hybrid camera like the S1H, which offers 6K resolution and better low light and lens selection.
  11. The Witch for instance used the look around room to frame for 1.66:1 and some other indie movies have alternate aspect ratios, too. However, the main intent of the 4:3 license is to shoot anamorphic (4 perf frame resulting in a 2.66:1 image you can then crop to 2.4:1). I believe the upgrade David is referring to also requires a hardware upgrade. I strongly suspect even the 16:9 Alexas would be 4:3 capable and are basically crippled.
  12. The Schneider 138mm achromatic diopter set is all I can think of that fits that bill but it's quite expensive. In my experience regular macro lenses of decent quality don't degrade the image that badly. They might just add a bit of CA. But this is all above my pay grade, like well above it. I just researched this a bit when I bought a set of Series 9 Schneider diopters I later sold.
  13. I tried to buy a set of these: https://www.sharegrid.com/losangeles/l/200767-custom-schneider-138mm-achromatic-2pc-diopter-set But got them in series 9 instead of 138 by accident. But I actually had a set of four achromatic diopters and they were incredibly heavy and thick compared with my close up lenses of lower quality. Lindsey Optics has close up lenses too but I also doubt they're achromatic. I think Leica or Zeiss have expensive and heavy/thick models. What are you using these for? Which lens? There might be models with smaller diameters that serve you better. Or it might not be necessary. I have cheap 95mm (non-achromatic) diopters for my square front lomo, but that lens isn't exactly optically pristine to start with. Century has some with smaller front threads. What lens do you want to use these for?
  14. At that size (and price) I strongly doubt they're achromatic. They would be a lot thicker and more expensive if they were. I think.
  15. Apparently Chris Probst has been using the 35mm AF f1.4 Minolta lens as a substitute for the 35mm K35. But what substitute is there for the 18mm? I was looking at the Canon Scoopic attachment but it requires focusing into Macro mode I suspect past the 24mm FD L's close focus. I only need S35 coverage.
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