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  1. I have an S16 converted K3 but it's kind of rough. Image in the viewfinder appears out of focus when zoomed out, though I am told it's sharp when shooting film, something is off. Some fungus in the lens. I am going to try it out first I think to see if it works, but if it does I would sell for under $150.
  2. Alan Gordon has one at a fair price: https://www.alangordon.com/sales/used/lenses/super-16mm/primes/12mm-zeiss
  3. Curious if it's possible to load a 100 foot daylight spool in an Aaton LTR-X magazine. I have read mixed things.
  4. It is possible to convert these lenses to Aaton mount.
  5. You only see it when they move quickly, because when they move slowly, the discrete samples blend together, which is what's happening with the LEDs themselves. I suspect if he whip panned over the LEDs they would show similar artifacts. I have had this exact same thing happen before with 60hz HMIs.
  6. I’ve had this happen with mag ballast HMIs and other 60hz sources like sodium vapor etc. It’s 60hz lighting and 24fps so that's something like 2.5 discrete sine waves per frame or I don’t know the terminology. But the brightness (which I think correlates with area under the sine wave–chop up 60 sine waves into 24 pieces and I think the area under the wave would be consistent per sample regardless of where you start and end) is consistent frame per frame but there are 2.5 “samples” of motion blur per frame rather than a “smooth” blur like you’d get with a high frequency ballast or tungste
  7. Want to try this with an Iscorama to see if I can shoot S16 anamorphic. I can't pay too much since this is just for an experiment without immediate commercial prospects. Would also pay $100 (plus shipping both ways) to borrow someone's lens. Also looking for a 25mm t1.3 Mk 1 S16 super speed if anyone has one.
  8. I haven't found that to be the case in the US. I've seen Primos and T Series on some pretty low budget productions. No idea how they ended up there, though, someone might have known someone. Also, I only wish Blade Runner 2049 were shot on C Series. But apparently Roger Deakins (and the Academy) know better than I do... Speaking of Panavision, I'm pretty sure I bought one of their old 4:3 Alexa Plus models on the used market. Branding was presumably removed specifically so I couldn't find out, but any way to figure out what blockbusters were shot on the camera I now use to make home
  9. That’s reassuring to hear! I don’t know where I came up with the extra .02 part. I think I should just take the plunge and buy a Kinetal and try it. There are other weird options like an Iscorama 54 and Rokinons, but sometimes the rabbit hole is too deep. Are there any alternatives to V-Lite 16? Did Panavision make an S16 1.3X anamorphic at one point?
  10. I've posted this same question twice before in some form or another and apologize for repeating myself. But I'm curious if anyone has tried this combination. The 17.5mm I suspect should cover and I have a wide angle adapter (the same one I think people use on Kowas) that would bring that to 14mm, which is wide enough for me. But I'm not sure it would cover without trying it and am hesitant to buy such an expensive lens prospectively with no other use for it. The Schneider 18mm f1.8 Cinegon doesn't quite cover, but it has 82mm front threads so it's an odd fit. I tried a 16mm Mk 1 stan
  11. I've heard Elswit I think does something similar. Hard key and soft "fill" from the same side.
  12. Thanks! I like the look of them but there is something absurd about it too, kind of like the Veblen good Leica Thambar. Part of me gets it. I have some cheap old lenses that have a look I like but the mechanics are poor. And rehousing them would cost 3-4x the value of the original lenses, but without being rehoused they're not really very useful. And there aren't a lot of fast large format ranges to rehouse in the first place. I've read that older double gauss designs used glass with higher indices of refraction (lead, lanthanum, thorium) and more steeply curved surfaces and so it w
  13. Also what's the deal with PVintage? That's another one of these.
  14. Is the 47mm Arri DNA a Kodak Ektar? The lens diagrams on Blackwing's website don't look that different from Takumars or Nikkors to me? What are the DNA lenses? A lot of the f stop/focal lengths don't match up with anything vintage. Is Arri mixing vintage glass with new glass or are they all new designs?
  15. Reviving a really old thread, my apologies, but did you have any luck? 17.5mm Kinetal and Iscorama seems like it could be a great combination if it covers S16.
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