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Help on value - SUPER 16 SBM

Julian Fletcher

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Hi, I have a Bolex super 16mm SBM camera - it came from the factory as a super 16mm model (it says SUPER 16 SBM on the side). I no longer use it, its in wonderful condition, fully functional. Comes with manual and all the accessories, and in a like new PELI case. I wondered how much this would be worth, considering putting it on ebay. I only have a small switar prime as I used it mainly with Nikon SLR lenses. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, could do with some help as prices are all over the place.

Its indentical to this: Bolex H16 SB & SBM (bolexh16user.net)

I bought it brand new about 12-13 years ago from Andrew Alden here in the UK.

Thanks everybody, Julian

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Bolexes are in fairly good demand at the moment, especially Super 16 ones. 

I would probably value it at around £3000 without lenses and without a recent service. If you have recently film tested it, that will make it more attractive to buyers. If you were optimistic and not in a hurry you might get up to £4000 for it.

Selling it by auction would be the quickest route and let the market decide, but that can be variable. You can if course put a reserve on it.

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