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S16 blue photo

Ernesto Martínez Bucio

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I'm a young director who is in preproduction process of his second short.


I know that i can use daylight with tungsten film, or some 1/2 C.T.B. filters... and to use the ENR (or Silver Retain) process to have more contrast.


Well, the exatly look that i want to reach in my film, is the look in the first part of the Sigur Ros video "Glosoli".


I hope somebody can help me here...




Ernesto Martínez Bucio


p.d. i've been attached some pictures that can explain better than me the exatly "blue look" that i want in my movie. thanks for your help.


and... sorry for my english...




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You can adjust the degree of blueness in timing the print or color-correcting the video transfer. The simplest thing would be to shoot tungsten stock like Vision-2 100T without the 85B filter. If it's TOO blue, just print a little of the blue out later. I'd shoot a gray scale at the head of the roll in daylight with the correct 85B filter and then pull it for the scene. If you want only a half-blue look, shoot the gray scale with an 81EF filter (half-correction) and then pull it for the scene. The image on the neg would still be full blue, but the timer would have halfway corrected it for the 81EF.


Or shoot the gray scale with the 85B filter and then shoot the scene with an 81EF for a halfway correction.

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