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backing up tapes from a Z1 to an HC1

Mike Crowhurst

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Hi folks,


I'm travelling to India with a guy whom I will be shooting for a doco, and he happens to be bringing his own HDR-HC1 along with the HDR-Z1 that I'm shooting the doco with. Being a bit worried about security in India, I thought I should back-up my footage while there and was wondering a few things:


1. Can I simply plug the two cameras together using a 4-pin FireWire cable and dupe the stuff I've shot from the Z1 onto the HC1?


2. If I use this method, will there be any degradation of my HDV footage or is it literally just taking the information from one tape and copying it to another with no translation process?


3. Do you think that this is that the best idea for backing up my footage on-the-go? Is there a better option? (I'm not bringing a computer however)


Thanks for your help!

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