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Some advise about Super 16 needed

Juan Cajiao  Director   DP

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Hi everybody, I usually had shot all my works in 35 and std 16, but now I am involved with a project to be shot onto super16mm. I would like to receive any advise or experience using such format .

I am going to use Vision 2, and it is for television broadcasting only.


Thanks in advance. I will appreciate any comment





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It's functionally no different than standard 16, just a different aspect ratio. There's really not much to worry about. Some standard 16 lenses won't cover the wider frame, but any decent rental house or owner will be able to match up lenses with the camera. Make sure you order SINGLE PERF film, but that's standard these days anyway. Check out the camera thoroughly during prep (as always) as cameras that have been modified from standard 16 could have issues, but if the camera's been around they've probably been resolved by now. Little things like possible gate weave from a removed reg pin (isn't an issue in SR's anyway), or rollers designed for std 16 that may touch the surface of the image area. I don't mean to scare you with any of this, since these things are rarely a problem.


Just as with any film camera, get a ground glass that's marked for the aspect ratio you're using. If your project is for TV then that's likely to be either 16x9 or 4x3. Many cameras are marked for multiple aspect ratios.


Otherwise just follow the same precautions you would with standard 16 -- use fine grained film, clean sharp lenses, check the gate often, make sure the mags and changing bag are dust free, and so on. Get a quality transfer to make the best of the small negative. What else can I say? It looks like 16 but just that much better. Have fun.

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