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NEW HD camera?

Arni Heimir

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Guest deluxe


Thats the GVG (Thompson) Infinity series, soon to be launched. Very interesting IMHO.




yeah, the Infinity... this camera attracted many different customers at IBC last year... cinematographers, broadcastboys & VFX-guys were hanging out together at GVG/Thompson too see it. :)


we also have been told that they intend to offer 24fps as well.


btw stephen, just had a look at your website - really nice stuff!


we did construct a 7 axis/para motion control in 1994 btw - it lastet 2 fantastic years until it joined the fate of so many self-built-mocos: spontaneous selfdestruction :blink: (the 35mm stopmotion-camera survived anyhow)


we had a guy from ILM visiting us back then, he called it "a quite artistic and individual design approach" :rolleyes:

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