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  1. I have not posted here for ages, however it's 10 years ago today I received the camera & it still gets used. It's never needed a service, just upgrades. I did change the internal timecode last year myself.
  2. I did some tests with Epic Dragon / Alexa / F55 all superb for green screen. We were shooting tungsten 400 ISO 5 to 1 compression on a Epic, Arri raw.
  3. I would be very surprised if you have a 2709 in 2 perf, unless it was used as an optical printer at some point.
  4. A new 3 perf movement is about 30,000 euros.
  5. It's quite doable, you can even see it's through a window if thats what you want. 20 years ago with an optical printer we could lift waster & smoke from a blue screen. With all this new tech, people stat getting worried :D
  6. You are very pro unions, can you tell me if you had a full crew for your stock footage shooting? I suspect you just shot on your own or with 1 assistant as you could get away with it :D
  7. When was the last major service? It could cost as much as the camera.......
  8. Many people do, they trade on momentum, i.e. buy when the market is rising & sell when the market is falling.
  9. I assume the real answer is make the film for 3 million & pocket 13 million :D
  10. Max says their output is very good :D, where is he now?
  11. Boxes, another great documentary. http://vimeo.com/78314194
  12. Funnily enough recently several clients have asked to only pay half price because it's only for the internet, my response is thats fine if I can retain the copyright for all other uses :D each time there has been some major back tracking & further negotiation. Luckily I am not the mug I used to be.
  13. How do the images look at HD, good or soft?
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