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Optar illumina


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What think of the Optar illumina set (8. 9,5 .12 .16 .25 .50mm) compared with Zeiss MKII?, optical quality it is good?


Sorry for my english, I am french.

Thank you.

Did you already use the Optar illumina lenses set S16?




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hi, Ive used Optar once, and they are pretty sharp, pretty much sharp as Zeiss primesMk2, Ive read somewhere that they were the Zeiss Brothers but from the oriental side of Europe. ( plus they are cheapier!!)

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I've owned a set for years and actually prefer them to the Zeiss glass. They are a little warmer in a Cooke-like way, with very attractive focus falloff. The flare resistance is excellent with top notch coatings and since they were designed to cover Super-16 fully (unlike the Zeiss lenses), they exhibit little chromatic abberation or sharpness dropoff in the corners. I'd put my 12mm Optar up against a Zeiss SuperSpeed 12mm any day.



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What kind of advantages, or disadvantages might there be with the available arri bayo mount, vs the PL mount upgrade for these lenses? Besides obviously needing to fit whatever camera you intend to use them on. If you have the option of going either way, which mount would be better in function, and versatility? Adaptors don't seem too expensive, but do you need to get one for each lens? And are there possible inconsistancies with flange focal distance if you change adaptors constantly?

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