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need an arri sr3 body

yaman zoral

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If you find someone who is willing to lend an SRIII, for a student film, and for free, please let us me know, I want to book it next!


Sounds like a pretty tough request, and I doubt you will get anywhere with this. (Anyone wanna lend me their Porsche for free?) What are you up to in your student film that you couldn't do with a less expensive camera? Why an SRIII?


No use for an SR or SRII? You might be able to get a really good deal on an older camera if you have someone experienced operating it.


That said, good luck with your search, a freebie SRIII dry hire would be quite a coup.





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i'm looking for an arri sr3 body...just the body...it's gonna be a 5 day shoot for a very very low budget student short...does anybody know how i can find an arri sr3 body for five days for a very low price or for free:)???

good luck!

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