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Guest David B

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Guest David B

I've seen this has been asked before, but I haven't seen too many answers.


I'm looking for an intensive course, much like the NYU 4-week cinematography course (http://www.scps.nyu.edu/departments/course.jsp?catId=242&courseId=69564).


This course, unfortunately, was cancelled due to low enrollment even though I signed up (I guess nobody wanted to brave the NYC winter).


So, I'm kind of stuck since I've specifically taken time out from work to do something like this. I don't plan on becoming a cinematographer, but I a filmmaker and director (albeit a new one). I'm just not looking for a specialist 1 or 2 year course or an internship.


Are there any other options that people suggest? I've seen the Workshops, but I'm looking for something in February or March... I'm willing to travel as well.


And please no "just go out and do it" answers. I've done that for a little while and am now looking for a little guided learning.


Thank you!

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I personally don't think the DVDs are that great but that's my opinion. Maybe you can borrow them from alibrabry or sneak into a university libaray and pretend your a student there.


Also get:


Reflections: Twenty-One Cinematographers At Work by Benjamin Bergery


Film Lighting by Kris Malkiewicz




and also check out the Maine Workshops as well - they are supposed to be good but I don't know.

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