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Canon 35mm still lense adapor to Arri S?

Eugene Sung

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I was wondering if you could attach a Canon 35mm still camera lense to an Arri S using an adapter, much in the same way you could use the common C-Mount to Canon adapter to attach it to C-Mount based movie cameras??


I just wondering because I've had good results usings a still Canon FD Zoom 35mm lense attached to my super 8mm using a c-mount adapter.



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I have never owned one but I believe Aaton owners have had the ability to use Nikon Still lenses for years with an adapter.


Maybe Nathan can confirm that and also give us the specs.





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The Aaton Mount's FFD is 40mm, so the use of a small Nikon adaptor to extend it to 46.50mm is common. You can't do this with the PL mount on the camera.


The general rule is you can always adapt up but almost never down in terms of FFD. If the mount you're adapting from has a shorter FFD and larger mount diameter than the mount you're adapting too, you're set.

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