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  1. I just received the following in a PM from a forum member. Since the member contacted me under their own name I can confirm they are not a nut or a troll. This person has a significant amount of posts here and is in good standing in the community, so I can vouch. I am posting this as his/her proxy. I also recognize this person is a director (in this particular circumstance) and this ordinarily might not be the appropriate forum for this discussion but I am posting it here for two reasons, 1) I have moderator perms in General Discussion so if this thread goes weird I can curtail it and 2) I'm sure there are similar situations that cinematographers face and their input may be valuable as well. So, lets discuss the post and not descend into a meta-discussion about the posting an anonymous post for someone, or that it is in the wrong forum and help this person out :) What do you guys think? I encourage the person involved to send updates through me, as well as to describe the situation a bit more. We have no way of knowing that production may not be justified in reducing your participation. What are the stakes, what level of production, how much money is involved, what type of film etc...
  2. I might be able to attend. Could bring my XTR :) BTW, Happy Birthday Annie, assuming the forum is accurate.
  3. Not 100% sure, but I believe the difference is they are paid as performers where prostitutes are paid for sex. Thin line, I'm sure, but probably enough to protect them from too much litigation... performers can be argued to be a component in a piece art, and they can claim the nastiest hardcore porn as art. Just as I've seen art films where there was penetration...
  4. I'm as atheist as the next guy but, one could argue that people who base all of their beliefs on facts put a lot of faith in their sensorium perceiving factual data (let putting your faith in what a scientist says). Being topical (in the off-topic forum): I've never had two camera systems/film stocks/lenses perceive the facts of a scene precisely the same. Huzzah for Descartes, screwing with your head since the 17th century.
  5. Thanks Tim! The feeling is mutual. On to real camera porn, check out this safe for work link: Camera Porn As a guy who used to repair cameras and as a guy with a wall full of various SLRs, Rangefinders and S8 cameras in my darkroom... I'm way into camera porn. :) Sweet, soft luscious black leatherette with a hot bayonet mount, I love my Hasselblad.
  6. I'm surprised I haven't seen that on DeezTees or BustedTees.
  7. I'd say that NHK 8K camera. HD is a bit too much detail already :)
  8. There is no point in trying to pick a fight, David. This isn't that type of forum. :) You obviously want this thread to end, you jumped on my threat to do so and now you're trying to goad me in to it. If you don't like the subject matter of the thread, pick another to contribute to. - nathan
  9. I believe the echos and 'gotchas' from the religion/morals meta-conversation are rippling away as the more responsible members of the forum quit participating in the hijack of the thread and move to the off-topic section of the site. I'd also like to point out that these pages are index-able and search-able by Google and other search engines and as we use (hopefully) real names and foster real reputations here, it would be good to remember that possible employers may search your name and find it deep in a flame war. Regardless of the context or side of the issue you fall on, I'm sure you don't want to bee seen as argumentative by any director/studio/producer/school who Googles for your work.... forever. We've had several good posts and I think this thread can be saved :) Move it along... nothing to see here...
  10. Good call Matthew. Take it to the Off-topic forum. I was really hoping we could move beyond moral and philosophical abstractions and talk about porn's relevancy to our industry and tools (and vica versa). Next mention of morality or god gets this thread shut down.
  11. I think you both got your beliefs in regarding ID and Evolution. Let's talk about cameras in porn :) I know, as a fact, more than a few guys on this forum have made some extra scratch gaffing or shooting the odd skin flick. Anyone have any good stories? I seem to remember David Mullen getting dragged (unwittingly) on to a porn set by a guy who wanted him to try the catering... something about 'doing the DP after lunch!' - nathan
  12. I wont speak for my fellow moderators, but I believe this is an interesting and informative thread. Some people have decided to launch a few ad hominem attacks, but nothing racist and nothing beyond baseless 'school yard' jabs. I'll close it if it gets nasty. I don't believe this thread should be shut down, but could we get away from those silly attacks and steer our way towards having a friendlier discussion? If you don't agree with the content or subject of the thread, post your views without getting personal or ignore it. - nathan
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