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Century 150 - 600 T6.7

Guest Allyn Laing

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Guest Allyn Laing



I'm in a lucky position to be using this lens on a shoot this weekend, I am just keen to gather peoples thoughts or comments on it - I am aware its a rehoused Canon and was built in the 80's and it also contains flourite elements - So any additional information on it would be really welcomed i.e how the flourite copes in heat, cold, humidity etc


Awesome, hope to hear from y'all




P.S. we really need a specific lens section

PPS any pictures with this lens would be really great :)

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Hmm... guess that's the very lens that won Academy Award for Technical Achievement? hm...


Got really interested in your question and asked our lens tech, he used to work at Century for about 10 years.


He said that since the casing for the lens was changed, the lens got more temperature stable. Not only because the metal the casing is made of changed a bit, but also because th sliding focus system (two metal rods and two rollers that were driving the focus group in side the lens) was replaced with the barrel system. So if before if the temperature would drop, it will affect the casing, the rods, the rollers. Now it only affects casing (not as bad as it used to) and the barrel, which doesn't carry that much on it, so there is no significant focus shift if the temperature drops.


Though, as any zoom lens, it IS affected by significant temperature drops/rises, but not as much as it used to :)


hope this was helpful :)

good luck

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