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  1. Hi everybody! Been to a lot of shoots lately, but can not figure out what could be an optumum package of tools, expendables and other things that a loader, 2nd and 1st should carry on all the time to be helpful.. if somebody could give a good list, i would really appreciate that. Even what kind of belt and ... - just trying to say - from the VERY SCRATCH of it.. Would really appreciate any openion. Also, maybe somebody knows the best place to buy all the stuff... Thanks daria
  2. There are two great tools designed and programed by David Eubank. Love them, use them :o) http://www.davideubank.com/ really useful.. As of film directory and inventory - i built my own spread-sheet in Excel. Can share if needed. darya(dot)gupalo(at)gmail(dot)com
  3. can only say "oh my GOD i do understand you so bad!!!" I am russian, and i just CAN'T still get used to the damn feet! They make no sense! like.. 1/16 of a inch... dang! %) anyways, just wanted to say that it has been 9 month and i am still not used to it.. good luck in Europe!!! hope you'd be better with the transition than i am ;) :rolleyes:
  4. hmm.... so nice of you to mention it.. hm.... guess i am NOT lucky... or maybe some 600 AC will read this, have some pity and sell me some stuff too! Don't get me wrong, happy for the fella-AC ;) good luck!
  5. Thanks Rory :P I can also make a huge TEXAS stick with my both hands!!! do you have a black and white paint that will come off in shower after the shoot? May i borrow some??? my only trouble ... i've been practicing clicking noise and.. the sound guys forget to pres "rec" coz they laugh so hard... %) haha ;) yeah, thanks for the advice on the tent! I though it would be better to get it new too, but it is SO dang expensive! ... guess i will have to wait...
  6. Hmm... guess that's the very lens that won Academy Award for Technical Achievement? hm... Got really interested in your question and asked our lens tech, he used to work at Century for about 10 years. He said that since the casing for the lens was changed, the lens got more temperature stable. Not only because the metal the casing is made of changed a bit, but also because th sliding focus system (two metal rods and two rollers that were driving the focus group in side the lens) was replaced with the barrel system. So if before if the temperature would drop, it will affect the casing, the rods, the rollers. Now it only affects casing (not as bad as it used to) and the barrel, which doesn't carry that much on it, so there is no significant focus shift if the temperature drops. Though, as any zoom lens, it IS affected by significant temperature drops/rises, but not as much as it used to :) hope this was helpful :) good luck
  7. Thanks for the trust.. just though i have smth else to add :) just think of it this way ... if you bought a new car, or have a old, but so dear to you.... would you ever try to wipe it with a dry, even though very soft cloth???? Any auto-body expert will kill you for that... so :) your precious filter is even more reluctant to be scratched As for lens tissue instead of kim-wipe - just try both and you will see, that if you use lens tissue it not only scratches, but doesn't absorb good enough and there would be residue left on the filter
  8. Hi everyone :D I was wondering if anybody knows where the used gear might be found? Or maybe somebody HAS some used gear they no longer need? (nope, i'm not asking for presents, just reasonable pricing..) In particular, i am looking for a changing TENT (have a bag... tent is kinda easier if you deal with 1000 footers..), cine-bags, slate... and other major stuff. would appreciate any info, thanks in advance! oh :rolleyes: by the way... anybody needs a loader or a second for the weekends in LA area? Doesn't matter if it is paying or not...
  9. sorry :rolleyes: did not know the rules....
  10. and here is a yet another one on Arri web site ;) i like this one better somehow... http://www.arri.de/infodown/cam/broch/3per...tion-public.pdf
  11. Some older mags, like SR-3 mags, 435 (don't get me wrong - relatively old) do really measure just the diameter of the roll left on your feed side... But.. Moviecam SL, Moviecam Compact, Arricam Studio and Arricam Lite and even Arriflex 535 mag counters work a bit different. They read the puls of the turning shutter and thus get the reading of the film left - one turn of a shutter - one frame, right? so... As soon as the electronic system and correspondence with the mags are fine - you have a pretty accurate reading. Though, don't forget, even factory presets on a 1000 footer mag will be 990 (to give you 10 feet for a bad load, "safety" film on the take-up roller and so on... so :rolleyes: well, you figure that out... good luck d
  12. as a service tech (eeh.. don't kill me right away, i might have smth to say, maybe not that stupid and worth listening to :rolleyes: ) I've been cleaning hundreds of filters a day when i started. From my POV (ONLY mine, no studies done and blah, blah, blah, so... no arguments welcome ;) - both lens tissue and cloth are not really good for the filter. Tissue doesn't really clean the filter that good and mostly is a bit too hard for the surface. Cloth - yeah, keep wiping with it, yeah, harder... Imagine, there is dust on your filter... so with cloth or tissue you actually scratch the glass. Yeah, it is not seen right away, but it will wear off much faster. So if the filter belongs to YOU, which means you own a 500-700 dollar piece of glass with a gell in it... you better take a bit more time to clean it In my experience, the best way to clan a filter - a lens cleaner and a kim-wipe. Spay on the filter, wipe it out with a new small kim-wipe right away and BE HAPPY both of you - the filter and you.. have i mentioned before it is just my opinion? ;)
  13. ehh... i think the trouble here is that they don't just "think" that... they faithfully believe in it and PRACTICE IT every dannnnng day :blink:
  14. My day job is a service tech at a camera house :blink: so... everyone is right, giving it two additional perfs is doing good. But, i though i would also mention, it is not only for the BL-4 that the rule of "a bit over the mark" is good. Arri suggests setting the loop on 35-3 and 435 a bit over the mark, not right on it as well. :wacko: Also, when threading the camera, Arri suggest using the father border of the loop marks as guides, not the bottom ones, especially in Arricams and 435s ^_^ here ya go good luck, guys
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