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Framing 16mm with a DSLR

Matthew Conrad

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I'm going to some locations to check them out for our short film, and I was trying to figure out the difference in the field of views between my DSLR, standard and s16mm.


Basically I want to make a matte on photoshop that I can throw over my DSLR photos to see what stuff looks like in the 16mm field of view with different lenses.


If someone knows, or knows of a chart online...it'd be great help


my camera is a canon 300d (I think original Canon Digital Rebel)




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According to the internet, the Canon 300D has a sensor that is 22.7mm x 15.1mm.


So you can figure out the field of view just by comparing the sizes of the sensors and crop accordingly in Photoshop.




Super-35: 24.8mm x 18.67mm

Regular 35: 22mm x 16mm


CANON 300D: 22.7mm x 15.1mm


Super-16: 12.52mm x 7.41mm

Regular 16: 10.26mm x 7.49mm


So Super-16 is about 55% of the size of the Canon, which is more or less the same size as 35mm cine. If you don't need to be super exact, just cut the Canon picture in half to match the width for Super-16.

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