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Am a first ac from india, we are currently working on a project which has lot of in frame television shots,where we have to shoot a lot of television screens and its a low budget movie where we cant go for any kind of vfx shots,it would be of great help to me if you could guide us with various techniques and tricks in shooting television screens,we have apal system in india and all video stuffs are 25fps here.




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Shoot at 25fps with a 180 degree shutter angle, or shoot 24fps with 172.8 degree shutter angle.


hi mike ! the last time i shot a computer screen one of my first ac fiddled around with the computer's scanning protocol and got it in clean sync. i did'nt pay attention at that time so i really did not know what he did. are they any different from tv screens ? can you help. many thanks in advance! rajkumar

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Computers displayed on CRT monitors can be a wide variety of scan- or refresh-rates. Unlike television display, computers can often be adjusted to display at different refresh rates. Displaying computer or TV images on an LCD monitor avoids the problem altogether, since an LCD does not "scan" the image top-to-botom like a CRT. LCD displays generally don't have flicker issues.

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