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Literature on Super8

Emil Soderman

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Hello there!

Im a 3:rd year student of "Mediaproduction" here in Sweden.

We just wraped the shooting of our short super8 film

And now we need to get started on finishing the "Essay" part.


So im looking for literature on Super8

I need books on the technical aspect and historical aspect.

Weblinks might do, but solid books would really be the best.


Hope some of you got a few nice tips!


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As regarding literature:


- content-wise, the best Super 8 related publications are "The Super 8 Book" and "Independent Filmmaking" by Lenny Lipton. Although written in the 1970s, they have astonishingly not aged and are an incredible treasure esp. regarding cine-gear descriptions and filming set-ups. It even covers Telecine (Lipton being far ahead of its time) but obviously doesn't cover DI post chains. But they are great for what you are looking for. They are difficult to track down second-hand, but regularly come up on Amazon Marketplace. An investment is most certainly worth every dollar and dime.


- picture and completion-wise, the best Super 8 related publications, as Jacob said in another thread here, are the two books by Jürgen Lossau. One coffee-table book with great historical/nostalgic reviews and discussion of the most prominent cameras of each manufacturer. The other one, a smaller reference catalogue, pretty much covers every Super 8 camera ever made, with complete technographical listing. There are a couple of data omissions and factual errors, but considering the sheer amount of content and with regards to the fact that Jürgen is primarily a collector and less a Super 8 filmmaker, these can be forgiven, especially for people who are in the know anyway. Great large-size colour photography in the big one, dice-format B&W pictures in the smaller one.


- if you want some one or two articles in PDF format about the history and some current technical aspects of Super 8 which you can academically quote (as they have been published), feel free to send me an e-mail via this board's messenger here ? I can forward you the files. I wanted to have them downloadable as white papers from my Power of 8 initiative website (see signture link) by the 25 DEC, but I might not be able to make it in time due to workload and the 25th approaching faster than I though :) .


There are myriads more but all too often, the Super 8 name is more of a sales attractor than a content director and lack substance. There was a list on filmsht.com recently. Look there.

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