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Canon Scoopic Sound 200

Paul Vanderhoof

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I always use split reels. Problem with winding is that i need single perf for S16 and the double winding gathers a lot of dust that i want to avoid. A question regarding the daylight reels: Do you have to wind the 400ft on it? Because the split reels take the film with the core... But anyways, should be nice to have and i'll look out for one.

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Canon Scoopic Sound 200 Power Connector 12V 24V Pin Out Wire Color Code


If anyone still needs to know how to run their Sound 200 off plain 12V here is the pinout:


"G" with Small Black cable is Negative 12V -

"E" with Small Brown cable is Positive 12V +


There are labels next to the pins telling you which is "G" - and "E" + on the 10 pin connector.


If you remove the four screws holding the power connector onto the body, the color code of the wires reveals itself to you.


The 24V is not needed at all to power the film transport components of the camera. It is only for the sound recording.

I recommend you take the side cover off and completely remove the sound motor flywheel since it is literally a Kilo of solid steel. The camera works just fine without it.


I'm currently running off one 12V 1500mAh battery without any issues.


The automatic exposure motor is not active, so there is possibly another +12V pin that needs to be fed. The remaining thin red wire seems like a likely suspect - I'll post if that works out.




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